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Dovetail Greene
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Just got a condo and there is a decent sized basement which

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Just got a condo and there is a decent sized basement which I would like to either turn it into a room or just finish up the space. Is there a program I can use to do this myself or should I speak to a contractor

Good morning.

My name's Kel.


If you would answer some questions for me I can give you a better answer.


When you type 'program' are you referring to some software that will help you design the layout?


Are there any moisture issues? Is it dry? Is there any musty odor?


What would you use the space for?


How old is your new home?


Where are you located?


Is there some of the work you'd do yourself?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes when I speak about program I am refering to software that can give me a sense of what the space can look like. It is a condo built in 1993 and I wanted to either make a studio or just have another den and bathroom there.There are no moisture isses or odor but raydon results said it was a little over a 3 which im not sure what that means. Basement is elevated and not underground. I am in NJ and def willing to do some work myself considering I would do it right

What kind of radon test did you use?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the home inspector did it, it was a charcoal canister and radon was 3.1 pCi/L

Anything below 4 is not considered actionable. If you have children or a family member with respiratory challenges get a more rigorous test. Will cost about 175$. Company will place monitor for 24 - 48 hours. Will give you test results and recommendations. MUCH more accurate.


If you do have an actionable level will cost from 300 - 3000$ to mitigate depending on severity, origin and method to mitigate.


Software's a tough one. If you're buying for just this project -- it's hard to justify a large purchase. Low priced software is awkward to use, doesn't do 3D well and has a steep learning curve. Three packages that have good reviews are ViaCAD, 100$,

TurboCAD Deluxe 18, 130$, and DesignCAD 3D Max 21, 100$. Check out the websites and go with the one that seems to fit. This kind of software will help you deal with the large scale issues like when to place any new windows and whether furniture will fit and how to relate one space -- say a bath -- to another -- say a studio. The suggested packages claim to overcome the historical limitations.


Get as much work done as you can then search for contractors. They'll be able to critique your sketch -- refine and improve. You'll get much more meaningful and accurate estimates.



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Hello Robert. This's Kel checking in to see how your basement project's going. . .