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Hello all. I have a Bing Cherry tree which has always done

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Hello all. I have a Bing Cherry tree which has always done quite well. However, for the last 2 years I have encountered the following problem. The tree bears fruit and begins to ripen. Maybe 2 weeks before harvest, all the fruit shrivels up like raisins. Would like to stop that before it happens again this year. Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
Hello Dave and welcome.

I have a bunch of tart,bing and lapine cheery trees and i am lucky to never got this. Is it common on all fruit or just some branch or just some cherry but completely randomly? Does the fruit have mold? Any particular taste when that happened?

What about the growth vigor of the tree? Does the limb grow a good size each year, and what about the leaves?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The tree seems to add good growth each year. As a matter of fact it was getting so big that I had it pruned back last fall. To answer your questions regarding mold and taste. First the mold. I would say in the early stages of the "disease" there was mold involved. That lacey stuff surrounding the fruit but the fruit quickly shriveled from that stage. It took less than 2 weeks to loose the entire crop. As to the taste. No way I was going to put one of those things in my mouth. :) :) I just looked at the tree and it seems to be leafing quite well with the blossems just beginning to show. Really late this year due to cold weather and rain. (I live in the Chicago area) This has happened 2 yrs in a row which is really bumming me out. I love those things and don't want to lose another year. It must be some sort of mold or fungus, but whatever it is, it moves fast. Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate your thoughts on this thing. I know it's hard when you can't see what's happening but if you think I should spray some sort of chemical please let me know. Regards, Dave

My first idea is botrytis rot. This usually happen on other fruits (like strawberry, apple and raspberry) but can happen with cherry.

You can use fungicide but the best is to use good care of the tree. You have to prune it each year. The tree will be able to heal faster (small cut) and will not have the time to develop humidity zone that never dry in the inner area of the foliage and between branch section. You may even prune surrounding trees to increase the wind so that everything can dry faster.

You can also reduce the number of fruit if it produce too dense clusters that can't dry well after a rain.

You have to remove any of those bad fruit and burn them (even those on the ground). Spores can travel fast when rain drop hit them. Also try to keep any grass under the tree really low for the winter (this should also help to reduce pear slug if you have any (the only problem i have with mines).

Look if you or your neighbor don't have a row of raspberry where the disease could originate from.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think you have hit the nail on the head. There are 2 large pine trees which are growing on either side of the tree. They weren't very big for years but now they are at least as tall as the cherry tree. They probably are blocking the wind as you say but I believe tree is still getting plenty of light. There is no grass under the tree. But I believe the moisture issue is a big thing. Fruit probably not drying fast enough allowing whatever is growing on the fruit to grow. Thanks for your help. Regards, Dave