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House has mold issues. Some are known, some are unknown.The

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House has mold issues. Some are known, some are unknown.
The known problem was a water leak that has since been fixed and walls ripped out that had mold. The inner walls treated as advised and walls redrywalled. We sealed off the doors leading to where mold was located with plastic and high quality tape, however still getting sick (even with walls redrywalled). Could the symptoms be from an unknown mold issue elsewhere in the house. What now? Advise? Need information on both health concerns and construction solutions.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am happy to wait, thank you


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Good morning.

My name's Kel.

Keep in mind you need four things for mold growth : mold spores + food (that would be much of your home) + moisture + warmth. You must control ALL four. The killer is the damn spores. Unless a room is COMPLETELY sealed off and possibly depressurized it's all too easy for the spores to become air born and find a new place. It's also critical to assess whether cleaning will be successful or whether complete removal and replacement is required.

Google 'mold remediation' for your city or town. Get three companies. Call and sketch your problem. Have the companies dealt with similar problems successfully?

Pick one to start. They'll send out someone with training in environmental hygiene. That person can test to see if the areas where the leak was are actually dry. They can also detect new sources of mold.

They'll design a plan to remediate. Which will include cleaning and replacement.

Check their contracts CAREFULLY to find out limits of liability and performance standards. What do they guarantee?

Make sure to let them know if any of your family has chemical sensitivity issues. You'll have to have children and pets out of the home during treatment.


Most homeowner insurance policies don't cover mold.

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Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 377
Experience: Licensed Building Contractor & Certified Building Designer
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