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my toilet is clogged. Ive used a snake and a plunger with

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my toilet is clogged. I've used a snake and a plunger with no results. Do I need to remove the toilet itself to get to the problem.
Hello, and thanks for your question! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist you today!!
If the snake is going into the drain through the toilet and your able to get a few feet of it in then you shouldn't need to pull the toilet.
But if you are only able to get the snake in about 1 foot or less then you will need to pull the toilet for better access.
Are you using a power snake or a hand snake??
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

only using a hand crank snake---could a tampon or something else be lodged further down the sewer pipe>

Yes, those can easily cause this problem, and if the pipes are older then it can happen even easier.
I would suggest using a power snake if the hand snake is not effective.
Does it drain slow or not at all ??
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Charles---everything I've tried including power snake is not working!

There is only a tiny trickle of water going down the drain. Any tip you can give me or does this require an experienced licensed plumber?



Hi Ken,

When you use the power snake how far into the drain pipe were you able to get?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Charles--the snake only goes about 21/2 ft in! I really think my only recourse is to pull the toilet. How do I prepare for this? Is this something only a pro plumber should do?



Ken PS thanks for all your help this far!

Hi Ken,

You will need to shut the water to the tank off, remove the water line and drain the toilet bowl and the tank. Remove the 2 nuts that secure the toilet to the flange. Lift the toilet up off the flange and set the toilet on a towel or sheet of plastic so you don't get wax from the wax ring on the floor. You can then try the snake again.

If you still cant get the snake to go down more than the 2.5 feet then I would probably have a plumber try it. You should be able to get the snake much farther into the pipe. If not, there may be a tight curve or angle that will take a trained pro to get past and into the blockage.

Use caution when forcing the snake into the drain, If you kink it you can get the snake balled up inside the pipe and get it stuck.


Looking forward to your reply,


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