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I have a liftmaster garage door opener. The puzzling thing

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I have a liftmaster garage door opener. The puzzling thing is the new bulb i replaced doesn't light up. I tried unplugging and replugged. Im not sure what might be wrong. The garage door continues to work.
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

I can understand the dilemma on the opener lights.
There are only a few items that can cause them not to work.
Bulb is bad or incorrect, bad socket, bad relay on main board.
Follow the below and hopefully you can get yours operating or use the alternative posted.

1. Only use standard light bulbs, not CFL energy savers

2.Unplug the opener and take a small flat screwdriver, then inside
the bulb socket there are 2 tabs. Scrape off both of these tabs
until you see shiny metal.
Try the bulb again

Also, verify the bulb in a table lamp or other fixture as some bulbs do not have enough solder on the tip to make contact. This does happen often with bulbs manufactured outside the US.

3.If you remove the cover on the opener, you can follow the wires
from the socket and you can see which board they
connect to insure they are not loose at the socket or the board.

4.If you can get access to a voltage meter, you can test the socket.
Again,There are 2 tabs inside the socket, one in the center bottom and one
on the side.
You use one lead to each point.
CAUTION when doing this, as if you touch the 2 leads together it
will short out.Only perform this if you feel comfortable. doing so.

5.If there is NO voltage, then the board is bad inside the opener
and would have to be replaced.
If wanted, we can find that parts availability and location to purchase.

6.A much less expensive repair is to get a motion sensor plug
that will attach to the opener receptacle and light up when you pull the car
into the garage just like the opener would do.

Motion Sensor Plug-CLICK HERE
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was the new bulb of 2 in a pkg. that was defected. A simple solution, I should've checked out the other bulb. I realize after screwing in the 2nd new bulb it went in deeper into the socket. Oh well, lessons learned. This might help others on this simple problem solver. I guess one wouldnt think there may be a defected bulb since i just bought it. Thanks anyway!

I understand entirely. The manufacture today doesn't have the same quality and it is frustrating when paying the prices they want for them.

Thank you for the Rating, it is appreciated