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I have a 3/4 HP belt drive 315 MHz garage door opener that

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I have a 3/4 HP belt drive 315 MHz garage door opener that I bought a couple of years ago. Just recently, both our car remote controls have stopped working reliably. I replaced the batteries in both, but problems persist. They seem to open the door most of the time, but I cannot get them to close the door. I tried re-learning several times, and even did a full reset, but the problem persists. Do you have suggestions for me?
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Little more details if possible, thanks.

1. How do you close the door now? Do you have to hold the wall button until closed?

2. You can open the doors from both remotes and the wall button, correct?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thanks for your help!


1. I use either the wall button or the keyless entry pad to close the door.




Dave Yes, opening the door works from all devices.


That is an interesting situation as the Keyless entry can close the door but no remotes.

That rules out a safety sensor situation.

Now, when you "re learned" the remotes, did you erase all memory on the opener and then setup the 2 remotes and the keypad again?

If not, just trying to redo the remotes without memory erasure actually did not "relearn them" because they are already in the memory.

Many times a clearing and then adding everything back as new clears up problems such as this.

Only add 1 remote and do the testing prior to adding another of the keyless pad.

Just post if this is the way you already tried.


What is the Make and Model of the opener?

Where have you tried the remotes?

Outside the garage? In the car? Right under the opener?

Is the antenna wire straight down?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay, back now. I did a full system reset and then re-learned one remote. It works fine inside the garage, but when I get about 15 feet away from the opener, it quits working. I re-learned the keypad, and it works fine. It's about 15 feet from the opener as well. The wire hangs down in a spiral from the opener, and it's been that way since it was installed. How do we determine if it's the opener (base unit) or the remotes? I guess I could unscrew the keyless pad from the wall and take it further away to see if it still works, but I'm not sure if it's meant to work beyond 15 feet or so.

Ok, narrowed it down a bit anyway.

It is sounding like the board and/or antenna receiving is faulty.
On the Keyless entry pad, I would think they would work at 20 ft or more.

Most instructions just state to mount within site of the door and 5 high for safety from children.

That maybe worth a try on the keypad.

I would try and add the 2nd remote first and see if you get the same results.

If the keypad only works right at the door opening, then the issue is inside the opener.
Either board or antenna connections.

You can verify the antenna connections them self by removal of the rear panel and seeing where it connects to the board.

Other than that, it would be in the board itself.

Now, just as a precaution, have you attempted to close the door with the remote further away "when the light is OFF?"

I have seen the newer CFL bulbs interfere with remotes on the openers that were intended for incandescent bulbs only. May not be your case, but wanted to mention it.
CFL bulbs actually emit a frequency themselves and affect receiving the remote signals in many cases.
AssuredElectrical and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Eureka! One of my opener bulbs had burned out, so I put in two new LED bulbs. I removed them, and both car remotes work flawlessly now. Thanks a million, Tommy!



Yea, the LED bulbs do the same as the CFL just different reason.

Excellent, glad all is well.

Take care
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You too, Tommy!

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