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i cut the power cord that was running from an old turntable

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i cut the power cord that was running from an old turntable in order to remove it from the wall unit. I cant find the other end but it is plugged in because i got a spark when i cut the power cord. Now that its cut, is there a safety hazard leaving the other end plugged in to an outlet (somewhere)? does electricity run through the wires that are now cut and no longer end in the turntable?

Hi. Welcome to Just Answer.

If you cut it and it had power at that time you probably tripped the breaker to that circuit. If there is nothing else on that circuit then turn that breaker all the way off and out a piece of tape over it. Write on the breaker panel next to the breaker LOCKED OUT. DO NOT USE!

or if you are comfortable working in electrical panels just remove the breaker, cut the wires so they can not reach a breaker then wire nut together all three wires going to that circuit and stuff them in the back of the panel.If other things are on the circuit then you need to put a wire nut on the black and white wires where you cut it, and wrap them in electrical tape so there is no way they can come together in the future unless someone deliberatly opens them up and removes the nuts.

If the breaker is on and the other end is still atrached to the power system then it is live.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

im not asking about circuit breakers. the turntable was in a wall unit along with alot of other stereo equipment. I cut the wire/power cord that was connected to the turntable (it ran from the turntable to a plug). I cant find the plug in the unit (too many wires etc). Everything is working fine so no circuit breaker has been tripped. The wire/power cord that is connected to the plug is still there. I taped it. Do i have anything to worry about at this point? i Hope Im explaining it clearly


Okay. What I can not figure out here is you say the turntable was plugged in somewhere. If you cut the wire then why can you not follow the wire to where it plugged in at?

At any rate if you taped the wires then you are ok for the time being.

If you separate the wires and put a wire nut on each one then that is the proper way to terminate a wire that may or may not be live.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i cant figure out why i cant trace the wire either except that i have ALOT of wires and alot of stuff in the wall unit and i just cant trace it. Anyway i gather you are saying that its not a safety hazard if i now tape the wires and make sure they dont come into contact with that right?

Yes. Make a small loop back onto the wire and wrap them with about 6 turns of electrical tape and you will be fine. The loop will prevent the tape from falling off the end of the wire.

see drawing below.


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