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I have two craftsman garage door openers -- side by side.

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I have two craftsman garage door openers -- side by side. THey use the same remote. One door opens and closes as it should with remote. One door will open with remote, but not close. When you press button to close the door, opener unit makes a clicking sound. ONe of the sensor for this "broken" door does not light up, but door will still go up and it will come down if you continuously press wall button.
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The problem with the door photo eye sensor is the reason for not being able to close the door with remotes.

That is the safety system doing its job.
The symptom you are describing is usually related to a failure in your
safety sensors (photo eyes).When the (photo eyes) or associated wiring are malfunctioning,
the door will often open as normal with the remotes,and wall buttons however,
will not close with the remotes or keypad and will only close by keeping
constant pressure on the wall button.

Need to look att he wiring to the sensor from the opener in the ceiling.
Follow the wires all the way, looking for pinches from staples, breaks in either wire, deformed areas in the wire etc.
Up at the opener itself the 2 wires should be in the terminals. Just like the other door.

Also, the sensor may not be aligned with the other sensor.

They can easily become mis-aligned due to bumping,twisting and loose mounting.

The sensors must be in a straight lazer line across from each other, there is very little "wiggle room"

Slowly manipulating the one sensor up , down, and side to side will allow you see if if the dead sensor lights up suddenly.
That will show it is mis aligned and not a wire issue.
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