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I am contemplating ther purchase of an air compressor for numerous

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I am contemplating ther purchase of an air compressor for numerous uses, mainly home improvement, wood working, and small mechanical needs. One ptential use is for interior spray painting. I believe the important rating of an air compressor is the available CFM it produces at a given PSI level. What type of spray gun equipment is recommended, what level of CFM @ PSI is needed for painting with an enamel paint and primer in one? Is it HVLP, LVLP or? And any other concerns I should factor in sizing the right compressor.
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I used to spray cars. I was trained using a few different spray guns. I always thought the Binks manufactured guns were the best. I had one primer gun and one that I used for color. The only thing I ever had to do with either was clean them. They worked perfectly. I would recommend using them to paint anything.

The compressor I used was also a Binks with a large 50 gallon tank. I had to maintain a constant 30 psi at the gun for good results. That equipment worked perfectly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what does adding another tank do for a compressor, does it change the CFM?

Its not an added tank. However a 50 gallon tank gives more volume, that way you do not have to stop. You can keep right on going until the job is done.

When you spray a car for instance, you would not want to stop right in the middle of a coat because if you did the area you stopped at would be hazy. You want to have enough air so that you do not put the gun down until you are ready to put it down, not the other way around.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I meant if I have a compressor that has a 10 gal. tank, and I add another 10 gal. storage tank to the set up, will that give me more CFM or added spray time? Also, i think interior paint is more viscous than auto paint, if so, would you want a different type of gun? Should you use High Velocity / Low pressure or Low velocity / Low Pressure or something different?

30 psi is what you use with that gun. If you are adding a tank its not going to give you more cubic feet a minute, its going to give you more spray time, the pressure will be the same but the tanks will give you added time. Its like having 2 glasses of ice water, you had one to drink at a sip, then you added a second which gives you more of that water and lasts longer at that same sip. The cfm is not important, its the added time. You want to make your money spraying not waiting.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Much appreciated, Thank you.

You are very welcome, thank you for the opportunity.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.