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Marc, Handyman
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Plumbing, Heating, and home maintenance contractor
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I am going to attempt to lay tile in my upstairs bathroom.

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I am going to attempt to lay tile in my upstairs bathroom. The room is approximately 70 sq ft., the floor is plywood and I am using 1 ft tiles. All plumbing is topped out. Can you tell me what I need to put on the floor as a water barrier and what to use to adhere the tiles to. Also, from what I have read, my understanding is to start laying in the middle of the room but because of the size and lay out of the room, someone recommended I start at the doorway and center the tile so when you walk in it will look nice. Is this something you would recommend as well? Is there a good video you would recommend that shows the whole process?

Marc : Hello and thank you for using our service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED. Please understand: I am not paid a salary, I spend my personal time assisting you. I am only paid when you give a smiley face or star rating of 3 or higher for my assistance to you. Please remember to rate my answer after we have worked on the issue together to your satisfaction. Bonuses are welcomed as well as appreciated. Thank You!!

No problem

Marc : How are you tonight?

fine, thank you and you?

Marc : i assume you are installing over a wood floor?

yes, plywood

Marc : I am well thanks
Marc : Okay and you wish to waterproof prior to installing the tile

because there will be a bathtub I thought it is a good idea?

Marc : It's a great idea. Many don't bother.

someone said therre is a drywall type material that is cement?

Marc : My suggestion is a product such as schluter or any other similar products. I prefer schluter because I have used it many times myself. They sell thin membranes to lay on the subfloor before tile. Here is a website with all kinds of info as well as good "how to" guides and videos.
Marc :
Marc : There are many types of mastic cement however none that I would recommend to be waterproof.
Marc : The membrane is the best solution for waterproofing
Marc : It's cheap and easy to use

this was some sort of board made of cemenmt, or at least that was my understanding

Marc : I believe Home Depot sells the products as well as many flooring stores


Marc : Okay yes it's cement board or Hardi board. This also works but is not a waterproofing product in itself
Marc : kerdiboard or schluter also sells a product for underlayment

will the schluter also be effective for sound proofing?

Marc : The schluter or kerdiboard is a great soundproofing agent as well as the Hardi cement board
Marc : Yes. It's 1/2 foam. Very effective soundproofing!!

ok I will look at the website for it. Now about where to start laying

Marc : As you is most recommended however you can start at the doorway providing the doorway and walls are square and it gives you a good straight line to work from.
Marc : I like to take the most focal point and start from there or at least ensure you don't end up with a 2" slice at the point where you will view the most when you walk it
Marc : in

Are any doorways or walls square? I always notice how off newer homes are


Is there a special adhesive used with the schluter?

Marc : I completely agree!

When I mark my start am I measuring off the wall?

Marc : No just typical mortar cement. You can use either wall or floor mastic with it. It's so easy to work with. I just built a 3/4 bath with a 6' walk in shower in my basement with it. I won't go back to the cement board again after using the product. It's my 4th full bath install using schluter.
Marc : Yes measure off the wall...all of them to get a good square start.
Marc : Its always good to double check the measurements from as many points as possible to ensure you are as square as possible

Im glad you told me about it, easy is what Im looking for. Ive never laid tile before. I do have all the tools needed and my moto is you can do anything if you have the right tools.


so I should measure from like 3 sides?

Marc : I completely agree!! My parents own a large flooring store so I have them to fall back on with my questions out in the field!
Marc : Yes 3 sides would be perfect

lucky you. But I will say this website has been a Godsend for me. My son is an expert for electrical

Marc : Very nice! I'm glad the site is helpful for you.

ok, unless you know of a video that bcovers the laying process, I think I feel comfortable enough to start

Marc : If you look on the schluter site they did have videos on their site that is extremely informative.
Marc : Let me try to link it for you...
Marc : Actually I believe off to the right of the page i posted the link for already links to the video. Each different product has a video for installation

Thank you very much for your expertise, Marc Have a good eveningm

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