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Dovetail Greene
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I am blowing in additional fiberglass insulation to my sisters

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I am blowing in additional fiberglass insulation to my sister's attic. I don't want to blow insulation over the ceiling light fixtures that stick up into the attic, as that would be a clear fire hazard. Is there a minimum clearance between the light fixture and the insulation? What is the best way to cover the light fixture, or otherwise protect it from the insulation (which will be about 18" thick, or 8" above the height of the fixture?)And is there some sort of commercial product, or should I fasten my own cover out of some light metal?

Good afternoon.

My name's Kel.

You can use drywall or plywood or OSB or foil faced insulation or sheet metal or aluminum coil stock to enclose the lighting fixture. Caulk any openings in the electrical junction box to seal wires and reduce by-pass.

Maintain a distance of 2 inches between the lighting fixture and enclosure.

Caulk the joints and caulk to attic deck before insulating.

You can get pre-made enclosures at www.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks you for your outstanding answer. Those enclosures were just what I was looking for! What a great web site!

Best of luck on your project.

Here's to lower heating and cooling bills for your Sister.

Hello again David. This's is Kel checking in to see how the insulating project's going. . .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I haven't started yet, but thanks for asking. I'm planning the first day of work, which is to remove the leftover blinds, window frames, and empty boxes left in the attic. After that I was going to fluff up the existing insulation, as it's gotten very packed. Finally, I want to put roof chutes or airways under the roof near the soffits at the end of the attic so that I keep the ventilation going up the roof and not have it blocked by the insulation.

Then I'll blow it in!

Your advice was great; thanks!

Hello again David.

You've got a good plan of attack.

Hope all goes well.