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Marc, Handyman
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I have a loose door lever handle and there is no visable screw

Customer Question

I have a loose door lever handle and there is no visable screw around the edge of the plate. What will I need to do to tighten the lever handle?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Marc replied 5 years ago.

Veillplumb : Hello and thank you for using I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability.
Veillplumb : If there are no visible screws then the plate is covering them. Some handles have a slot on the side of them to release the handle using a small flat screwdriver or a nail, then the plate can be removed in order to access the screws.

OK, After I remove the plate, what should I do next?


I can't remove the plate. It moves a little, but I am afraid I will damage the plate.


Are you still there?

Veillplumb : Yes sorry,
Veillplumb : You may find the plate will only come off in one specific area. Spin the plate slowly to see if you can find that one spot
Veillplumb : While spinning try prying slightly

I still can't get the plate to come forward in order to access the screws.


should the plate just pop loose and move forward?

Veillplumb : Yes it should.
Veillplumb : Is there any way you can take a picture of the door knob ((both sides) and attach it using the paper clip icon?
Expert:  Stephen Cutler replied 5 years ago.
Hi, look on the tube of the lever for a small slot. It has a spring loaded keeper in it. Use a point of a knife, small nail point, or small screwdriver to push in the slot while pulling the lever tube away from the lockset. The handle will come off. Next pop the cover plate as Velliplumb instructed. Tighten the screws, replace the cover, slide the lever on until it hits the keeper, push the keeper in just like you did to remove and apply pressure to the lever until it slips over the keeper and click into the slot.
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Expert:  Marc replied 5 years ago.
I am checking in to see if you were able to fix the handle. The other expert stated the same information as I had previously stated just in a few different terms.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have turned the plate around several times,but there is no place to press a small screwdriver into on the entire plate. Today, I noticed that on the inside of the lever near the plate there is a tiny hole. I don't know if this means anything. I will take a photograph of the handle from several angles to see if that gives you any better idea about the particular lever I have. I'll try to send those pictures tomorrow.
Expert:  Marc replied 5 years ago.
That hole is exactly the hole that in the previous post was mentioned. This is where you can place a small nail in the hole and push it in while pullin the knob in which the knob will come off. Then the rosette (trim) will be removed.
Marc, Handyman
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 1595
Experience: Plumbing, Heating, and home maintenance contractor
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OK, I misunderstood your earlier response. Somehow, I thought you meant a hole or slot on the circumference of the round plate itself. I will try to do exactly as you have suggested--using the small hole in the side of the handle. I won't send pictures as I believe that I have the directions straight at this point. Thank you for your help.

Karlyn Wood
Expert:  Marc replied 5 years ago.
Ok thank you and your very welcome