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How do I get rid of houseflies in my apartment, please help!

Resolved Question:

I have been swatting houseflies in my apartment for days. I've sprayed them, shocked them, swatted at them, fly-papered ,and crushed them. But it seems there is no end to them. This started when I had an air-conditioner installed. How do I get rid of these houseflies permenently?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  FitnessSpecialist replied 5 years ago.
There has to be a source, and a point of attraction.

Flies are attracted to anything they deem as "food". First thing, get rid of ALL of your trash and give the apartment a good cleaning.. anything that even smells "sorta" like food will attract flies. The next part is I would examine(or have examined) the opening where the air conditioner was installed. Any gaps or breaks between the conditioner and the frame is an entry point for the insects. You should also be looking at the screens and doors, in case anything changed as these too are an entry point for insects.

If you have garbage bins or recyclables around the outside I would get rid of those as well, even if they are within a few yards that can attract them. Since you are doing this get rid of your own recyclables, they love smelly old beer bottles and wines.

To get rid of them completely you just need to prevent them from coming in as well as killing(flytape is reasonable instead of chasing them with a swatter) the flies. Past that, cleaning the house and eliminating their eggs will prevent them from coming back - keep in mind this might mean giving your garbage can inside a good cleaning. Anything warm and moist is prime ground for egg laying.

If the air conditioner is used and wasn't purchase brand new, you just might have some eggs around the warm, moist side of that as it works.

Also a venus fly trap plant would be a neat little item to have around for the occasional fly that sneaks in.

So just tighten down the windows, doors, any spaces or gaps, and give the house a solid cleaning, get rid of all your trash and good left out, clean the garbage as needed as well as moving any bins away from the actual apartment and you should be good to go after you to the sanitary killing of them(tape or fly trap).
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