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Eric M. Bright
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Category: Home Improvement
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I have a Stanley VEMCO TT200 garage door opener. The door opens

Customer Question

I have a Stanley VEMCO TT200 garage door opener. The door opens fine with the remote. The door only closes with the the button on the receiver in the garage held down.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Eric M. Bright replied 5 years ago.

Hi, Welcome to, I am glad you are here! My name is Eric & I will endeavor to answer your question.


Wow a Stanley, Those are few and far between these days! I have two things to tell you. The first is going to be about your problem and the second is going to be about Stanley Garage door openers.


The symptom you are describing is indicative of a failure in your safety sensor circuit. When the safety sensor circuit is malfunctioning, the door will open as normal with the remotes, keypad (if you have one) and wall buttons however, will not close with the remotes or keypad and will only close by keeping constant pressure on the wall button.

The problem is most certainly in the safety sensor circuit. Where though...?

Here are the options:


A. The safety sensors are dirty. - Wipe lenses with soapy water and a clean soft cloth


B. The safety sensors are misaligned (This is the most likely problem and the most common issue with Garage Door openers). - Follow the safety sensor alignment instructions in your owner's manual. If you do not have a copy of your owner's manual I can see if I can provide one for you if you will give me the manufactures name and exact model number.


C. There is a broken or disconnected wire between the motor and the safety sensors. - Carefully follow the wire path and do a visual inspection to ensure a continuous connection.


D. You have a defective sensor which requires replacement.


E. In rarer cases still, if all of the above has been attempted yet the problem persists, then there has likely been a failure in the logic board which would then mandate it's replacement.



I hate to be the bearer of bad news however, garage door openers under the name of Stanley have not been made in over 16 years. Even then there were two companies that were manufacturing OEM branded Stanley Garage doors & Openers and both of these companies went bankrupt long ago.


Stanley does not manufacture parts nor do they offer service or support for these products.


If the solution to your problem is not one of the easy and cheap ones as described above, I recommend that you bite the bullet and buy a new opener. Even if you were able to get your Stanley opener working, the life expectancy of a garage door opener made in the early to mid 1990s is only 10-12 years so (In my opinion) spending any more time or money on trying to revive your deceased Stanley opener, is just throwing good money after bad especially when a decent new opener can be purchased for around $150.00.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have already tried those same suggestions to no avail. I guess I just spent $15 for you to tell me what I have already tried.
Expert:  Eric M. Bright replied 5 years ago.


Actually, you have not really spent it, at least not yet. Your payment is on deposit with JustAnswer and until you actually click on the green Accept button, your deposit is still yours to do with as you wish whether that be to keep it on deposit for use towards another question later or to request back as a refund or to give to the expert who assisted or attempted to assist you. If you click on the green accept button, JustAnswer will give me half of whatever your payment happened to be.

I suppose that what I was able to offer you was if anything, confirmation of what you already suspected so that you will at least now not be wandering.

What you choose to do with your $15 deposit from here, is totally up to you! Please feel free to post back with any follow up questions you may have. Regardless of whether or not you click on "accept" you may do so as long as you do not click on the "close question" button. If per chance, you do choose to click on accept for me, I would be very grateful. Looking Forward, Eric