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Dovetail Greene
Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Licensed Building Contractor & Certified Building Designer
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We have a Schlage lever type door latch that is becoming loose.

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We have a Schlage lever type door latch that is becoming loose. There are no visible screws to tighten on either the interior part of the handle hub. Something (screws) have to be connecting the outside to the inside but we don't now how to access them. It seems like it is about to come apart!!
Help, Julie

House-Dr :

Hello, my name is Mark. thanks for stopping by. If you look at the side of the knob where it gets narrow there will be a small hole or a slot depending on the model. You need to push a small screwdriver, or a small round rod like an awl into the hole. When you do that the knob will be released and you can pull the knob straight off. Then the plate behind the knob will pull off exposing the screws behind it that hold the whole assembly together.


There is a small hole under the handle. I put a 1/8" allen in the hole and pushed but nothing seemed to move.

House-Dr :

There is a bit of pressure that you need to apply. I need to go, so I will opt out now and see if another expert can help you any further. Good luck


Everyone is going home in ten minutes and I have to lock the doors. I will be back at 9:30 am ADT. Julie

Good evening. My name's Kel. You've found a hole. Is it more like a rectangular slot about an 1/8" long? I don't know if an allen wrench can engage it. Have you got a narrow straight edge screwdriver? Or something else that'll fit. You need to push against a tab in the shaft and at the same time pull on the door knob. The decorative part will slide off the spindle. You should be able to see a spring clip that's holding the decorative ring to the lockset. Squeeze the spring an it should release the ring. After that you'll see two Phillip's head screws that hold the lockset to the door. Tighten them until snug. If you over tighten the lock won't work. Reverse the procedure to replace the decorative parts. Try this and let me know.
Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 377
Experience: Licensed Building Contractor & Certified Building Designer
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is a round hole and nothing we push into it seems to make any difference. It may have come apart far enough that the hole doesn't align with the keeper pin or what ever secures the handle. It would seem that if the keeper pin were no longer engaged in

Attachment: 2012-04-20_173907_handle.docx

he handle hole the handle would not stay on. Did you get the pic?
Hello again. I did take a look at your picture. Thank you. It appears to be correctly aligned and the parts are tight. Which part is loose? There are only two ways these are held together. There's either a spring clip or a set screw. You may have to rotate the handle slightly to get hole and retainer to align so either a probe can depress the spring or an allen wrench can engage the set screw. If it's all loose that may be why it's slightly out of alignment. Try rotating the handle slightly up and down.
Oh. I now see the escutcheon is pulled away from the door
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, there is about a quarter inch of slop and until we can remove the "escutcheon" there is no way to tighten the two "escutcheons" together.
The sleeve with the hole in it doesn't rotate.
What I'm suggesting is to rotate the lever handle itself both up and down. Watch to see if a slotted screw or set screw or tab aligns with the hole. You may need to use a flashlight.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The hole does not rotate with the handle movement or the sleeve that the hole is in does not move. Only things that move are the handle and the "escutcheon".
What I'm suggesting is as you rotate the level either up or down, if you use a flashlight to look into the hole, you should see an assembly rotate as well. You should see either a screw or tab come into view. When it aligns with the hole you should be able to use an appropriate tool to release the handle.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OH, okay. I will try that. I have only been able to work on this today between my other duties as assigned. Sorry for the long delay in my response. Everyone is trying to get out of here for the weekend so when I close tonight I will struggle with it some more.
Can I contact you Monday?
We can work on it as your schedule allows. You can certainly get in touch on Monday.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
We have gone about as far as we can go in fixing this door latch on our own. Everything you have said is true but we need more help in aligning the parts. Thanks for your help.
Hello again Julie, You might checkout They have exploded views, instruction manuals and a service number you could use for more support. Best of luck. Yours, Kel

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