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Eric M. Bright
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I have an Apollo 1550 Swing Gate opener. The only wired accessory

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I have an Apollo 1550 Swing Gate opener. The only wired accessory connected is an entry pushbutton. The opener for the most part operates fine but suddenly has begun randomly opening on it's own. Sometimes it opens all the way and then won't close or we find it stuck open halfway. This happens approximately once per day that we find the gate open. Then once we close it, it operates fine again. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, Welcome to, I am glad you are here! My name is Eric & I will endeavor to answer your question.


Disconnect the wire to the pushbutton from the circuit board. Let it sit a while to see if it opens on its own without the wiring connected. If it does, you need to replace your circuit board. If not, reconnect the wire to the circuit board and disconnect it from the push button. Now see if the gate opens by itself. If not, rewire to the push button and see if the problem continues. If Yes, replace your push button. If the gate opens by itself with the push button disconnected, replace the wire form the opener to the push button in its entirety. If your wiring is buried or in walls, conduit or otherwise difficult to replace, you may do the test by running new wire right across the drive, swail or yard from the control panel to the push button. Disconnect the old wire and connect the new wire at the circuit board and push button (even though not yet run on the correct path). If the gate works fine and does not open on its own after that, you will have to do a permanent wire replacement.


In the event that you do not possess a copy of your Owners Manual, or just in case you might like to have a copy stored on your hard drive, I have provided the link where you may download a copy of it.


And here is the link to where you may down load the troubleshooting guide.


Please let me know how you fare!



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your prompt response. I have a wired push button for entry and also the wired push button on the side of the controller box. Should I try isolating both wired buttons or which one should I try disconnecting first?
Hi Glenn, Disconnect and mark all accessories. If the problem clears, then rewire one at a time in order to diagnose which is the problem.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Please clarify so that I understand correctly. If I disconnect the pushbutton where it plugs into the board and it solves my problem, does that not diagnose a bad pushbutton without going any further? Or do I indeed need to troubleshoot by disconnecting both ends of the wire? I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.

If you disconnect the wire to the push button from the control board and the problem goes away, it could mean that either the push button is bad or the wire between the push button and the control board is bad.


Disconnect the wire from the button and reconnect the wire to the control panel. If the problem returns without the button being attached, it is probably the wire. If the problem does not return with the wire (but not the button) hooked up, then re-attach the button to the wire. if the problem then returns, then the problem was the button.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Understood. Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated
You are welcome!
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