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I want to change the battery on my Sentry safe. I am not sure

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I want to change the battery on my Sentry safe. I am not sure of the model no. Its a 14 gun capacity. Can you help.

Bo Myers
Proud Sentry Safe Owner

Hello .. could you please tell us the model number of your safe .. and we will try and help you with the situation .. Thanks


if it is an electronic .. with a key pad ..


To install batteries:

1. Using two hands, hold the keypad, thumbs down, on its left and right sides. Push up the keypad with your thumbs, and disconnect it from the safe by pulling it towards you. (Fig. A)

2. Let the disengaged keypad hang by its wires. This will expose the battery holder. (Fig. B)

3. Install four alkaline AA batteries as illustrated on the back of the battery holder.

4. Reconnect the keypad by inserting the keypad's four posts into the matching holes.

5. Push down to snap into place.

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