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Eric M. Bright
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Garage door only opens half way then stops... if you open and

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Garage door only opens half way then stops... if you open and assist door going up its fine . Goes down no problem...

Hi, Welcome to, I am glad you are here! My name is Eric & I will endeavor to answer your question.


The reason your door is reversing itself is because it is sensing resistance. When you "Help" it, your "Help" overcomes the resistance and he door functions normally. As doors age and things settle, sometimes what was a new free flowing mechanical device over time, doesn't "free flow" as well as it used to when new. This is expected. Here is how to overcome that issue...


Up on the motor should be 2 dials. Sometimes these are just a shaft about 1/4" in diameter sticking out of the back with a slot for a screwdriver and sometimes you have to insert a small screwdriver into a hole. There should be some type of directional indicator telling you which is more and which is less.


These are upward and downward force adjustments. Increasing the downward force slightly will tell the system to push through a greater resistance in the down direction. Increasing the upward force slightly will tell the system to push through a greater resistance in the up direction.


Try increasing the upward force just a little. If that does not solve the problem, try increasing it some more.


It would also be a good idea to have a helper watch the rollers and tracks carefully as you are working the door to see if there is southing that might be impeding the doors free movement which might be visible.


Also, lubricate all of your rollers. Use a silicone spray. Don't spray where they roll in the track but rather into their axles. Please let me know if this helps you solve your problem.



I'm sorry, I previously wrote "The Reason your door is reversing itself" It should have read "stopping in mid rise"
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Tried to increase the upward force and did the lift by hand to see if it was catching . Nothing binding rolled free, turned all the way and still no change now only goes up about one foot....sprayed the roller shafts with a teflon lube. Still nothing...

Please tell me the following:


A. Manufacturer of Opener

B. Model # XXXXX Opener

C. Serial # XXXXX Opener

D. Age of Opener

E. When the door stops on the way up, are there any LEDs lit that are different then when the door is in regular operation or beeping sounds?

F. Does the door appear as though there may be any possibility of it being too tight up

against its gasket/weather strip?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
OK so i tried to ajust the lift one more time and it work lie ten times and now nothing... There is a blinking light above the learn button it blinks 5 times, then repeats the 5 blinks..... It is a Chanberlain liftmaster professional Forula1. Model# XXXXX ser.#30552100563 it is three years old and no blinding on walls or rollers...

What color please is the blinking LED?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Operating the door 10 times in rapid succession could have very well overheated your motor. If after adjusting the force again, it was working for 10 times, that is probably the issue now. These are not engineered to open and shut continuously. It is also possible that the RPM sensor has failed.



Unplug it for 1 minute to reset it.

Check operation.

Check flashing LED again.

If it is still flashing 5 times and the motor only moves 6-8"

replace RPM sensor.


If the motor doesn't operate, Wait 30 minutes to let cool and

retry. If the motor still will not operate replace logic board.

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