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Garage Door Opener Keypad, Lift Master, is not working. 1.

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Garage Door Opener Keypad, Lift Master, is not working.
1. The hard wired door opener button lifts and closes the door with no problem.
2. The exterior Keypad will work when the outside temperature is warm.
3. The exterior Keypad will not work when the outside temperature is cold.
Hi and thanks for using
Your exterior keypad most likely has a "cold" (bad) solder joint somewhere on it's circuit board. When all the components contract in the cold, contact between a component and the circuit board is lost. When the components expand in the heat, contact is restored. If your handy with a solder iron, you can restore the cold solder joint by reheating it to melting point. You can identify it visually as a dull gray color. Good solder joints are shiny silver. If it is new, or within warranty, return it as defective.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Mr. Cutler,

I am interested in trying to soder the joint, and if I mess it up, I will purchase a new keyless entry. Can you give me any pointers in removing the keyless entry from the garage framing, and also, how to access the circuit board. Thanks.

If you can give me the make of the keypad, the model number of the key pad, I can get you that specific info.
You may need to pop the cover off to get to those. At that point the mounting screws should be visible too. Once those are removed, look at the back and you may see circuit board mounting screws. OR you may see the circuit board mounting screws on the circuit board itself. Either way remove them and lift the board out. the solder joints are on the back usually.

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