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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Retired contractor, 51 years experience
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I have a genie garage door opener (screw drive) that turns

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I have a genie garage door opener (screw drive) that turns on, the coupler rotates, but the screw won't turn?

Hello, first we chat a bit, then I give you some partial answers, please do not click accept until you get a final and complete answer you like.


If the motor rotates the coupler, but the attached shaft does not turn, the coupler set screw is loose, look at that first. tighten it an retry. Get back to me.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello again.. from here I am totally blind, I only know what you tell me about whats wrong... so tell me :


Is the coupler connected to the drive motor shaft, and is that shaft turning? thats what I understood from your original post.


Let me know what you are seeing on your end, we can go from there.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. I apologize if I wasn't clear. The garage door opener motor runs, but the shaft does not turn and the door does not open (or close).

Here's what I've done so far:
1) Manually disengage the door from the shaft.
Result: Motor runs, shaft doesn't turn.

2) Removed the shaft from the motor/coupler & manually turned the shaft with a vicegrip.
Result: Shaft turns easily when manually turned = nothing obstucting the shaft

3) While shaft removed, activated opener.
Result: Coupler rotates freely.

4) Inspected Coupler screw set, per suggestion, re-essembled shaft to coulper and activated opener.
Result: Same as initial try, motor runs, but shaft does not turn.


Hello again, these things are not built to be repairable at that level... but Im sure with your demonstrated ability to dig into it you can eventually repair it. Normally such items are just replaced. One finds on diggning to such things that often the parts are not available even though listed on the mfgrs legally required parts list, and the time required to repair pales in comparison to the time and costs of just buying a new drive.


let me know if that makes any sense on your end...we can go from there.


Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 8769
Experience: Retired contractor, 51 years experience
Phil and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
It would help if youall agreed on some definitions. The customer is referring to the screw drive sometimes as a screw and sometimes a shaft. Then he refers to the motor shaft, and other times simply to "the" shaft. he has not stated whether or not he can rotate the coupler by hand with the unit unplugged- if the coupler IS engaging the motor shaft, he should NOT be able to rotate it , but he does say it rotates freely without telling us the source of rotation(hand or motor?). Further He has not indicated (with motor running) if he can stop the rotation of the coupler with hand friction, or if on the screw drive side whether he can clamp the screw drive stationary and rotate the coupler by hand. If the customer will use the terms-screw drive(the long threaded rod) - motor shaft - coupler to motor- and coupler to screw drive- Handyman Solutions will not have to guess. Do NOT accept this suggestion as an answer! Handyman Solutions is your expert. Accepts should be directed to him.