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My Jandy CL 460 has low pressure(below 10psi) when filtering

Resolved Question:

My Jandy CL 460 has low pressure(below 10psi) when filtering the pool but when filtering the spa the pressure is good(about 20psi). When I turn off the pumps I hear the air bubbles go into the filter as the water is draining, like when I open the valve at the top to clean.
I'm not loosing any water so I don't think I have leaks.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.

Hello . no it does not sound like a leak ,, it sounds like you are sucking air somewhere is the system .. you say you hear air entering the system around the filter .. I would check there and make sure all the covers, gaskets and such are properly aligned and tight ..


Thoughts, concerns, please get back to me ..

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was thinking the same thing but I don't understand why when it is filtering the spa it has good pressure.
Expert:  Rich replied 7 years ago.

well that would lead me to look at the lines coming from the pool to the filter .. if the spa has good pressure , then the fault may be in those lines .. is the level low and sucking air at the skimmer .. ??

I would systematically select one part of the system at a time .. get it running with the selection valves the way you normally have them .. then shut off the skimmer .. see what happens to the pressure and see what happens when you shut down the pump ... then return the valves to normal and repeat this exercise with the bottom and cleaner valves ... one of them may give you the reaction we are looking for ..


Thoughts, concerns .. ??

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