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Hi, I am doing an assignment and need to describe the following

Resolved Question:


I am doing an assignment and need to describe the following and am hoping a home improvement specialist can help me out

1 - Describe and sketch the performance of a double glazed PVCu unit going into a new home

2 - Describe how the external doors and frame provide a weatherproof barrier for the new home.

I have looked up on various sites and read through many books but nothing seems to give a clear answer and i am hoping you can explain this for me??

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Patrick replied 7 years ago.
A double glazed PVC window has two things going for it: One, the PVC frame is a poor conductor for heat and cold. An aluminum frame is an excellent conductor. For the purpose of keeping heat inside and cold outside or vice versa you want the poor conductivity of the PVC frame in order to not waste energy. Second, the double pane glass does the same thing. The exterior layer of glass is either hot or cold based upon its exposure to hot or cold temperatures outside. The inside layer of glass stays at a more constant temperature cool if cooling in the house or warm if heating inside the house. The air gap between the two layers of glass acts as a dead space that minimizes the direct transmission of heat or cold between the two pieces of glass allowing for greater thermal efficiency. Greater thermal efficiency keeps the heat or cold inside and keeps costs for running heating or cooling systems down compared to single pane systems where the efficiency is far less. As far as the exterior door and frame being a weatherproof barrier, a well designed exterior door when closed, has weatherstripping or weather seals that prevent infiltration of water, wind or heat or cold around the perimeter of the door and the frame. The bottom of the door has a sweep or seal that again closes on a threshold designed to keep the elements from infiltrating the house. The door itself should be impermeable to the elements to act as a barrier in conjunction with the door frame. I hope this has answered your question. Good luck. If this has proved helpful please remember to hit ACCEPT, otherwise I do not receive credit. Thank you.
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