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How to build a money blowing machine. What type of fan and

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How to build a money blowing machine. What type of fan and how should it be ventilated? We built one, but its not getting the pressure needed from the air mover. How can we make our machine work? What are the specs on building a machine like this?

Hi, what type of unit do you have now, is it one that people can stand up in or just a small one that sits on a table or floor. What are the dimensions of the unit and what size blower motor (motor horse power, RPM's of the motor and description of the fan housing) are you using?

Explain to me how you have it set up? Do you have air vents at the top of the unit? There may be a reason why it's not working that I can help you with.

Thanks, tinman

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is the type that you stand inside. The dmensions are 4' x 3' x 7' . No vent holes at the top. The Air mover is 1600cfm 1/2 horse power

Hi, normally money blowing machines will be round, approx. 9 or more feet in diameter or 3' X 3' square, like a phone booth? The one you have already built is 3'x4'. This is bigger than I would have suggested. But the main problem is it's not square? This creates problems with the blower motor air distribution. It is also a large area to try and move a lot of air upwards with a 1/2 horse power motor, I would have suggested using a full horsepower and a squirrel cage blower. You never did tell me what the RPM's were on the motor and what type blower you have. Is it a squirrel cage blower?

One thing you can try and installing an adjustable vent in the top of the unit. One reason it's not working is the air being generated can't go up, through and out the top of the unit. With the 3'x4' floor on your unit, I would put at least a 2.0'x1.5' adjustable vent in the top of the unit. Play with the adjustments, opening and closing to try and get the effect you want.

You also need the air blowing up through the grate on the bottom of the unit over the entire area, except for 6-8 inches around the edges of the walls of the unit. You may have to build a fan shroud to accomplish this. You also need to install a ledge on the walls at a 45 degree angle to funnel the money back on top of the grate where the air is rising so the money is cycled again.

Since you already have the unit built, I would try the above to see if I could get the unit to work.

Keep in mind, the air rising from the floor of these units is really moving. I have seen advertisements for these machines say that the air being generated is moving at 150 MPH? I think that 1/2 this speed would give you the effect you are looking for.

So, try the following to see if you can get your unit to work.

1-install the vent in top.

2-Build the fan shroud to direct the air up from the bottom of the booth.

3-Make sure you have sufficient quantity of air and also air speed being generated from the blower motor.

Thanks, tinman

I meant 9 feet plus, in circumference, not diameter.


tinman and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, its a squirrel blower which is called a air mover, dont know the rpm, just know that its thats its 1600 cfm. Ok, we'll try it. Thanks so much!

Hi, 1600 cubic feet a minute but at what RPM? Is the motor and fan assembly made together or were they joined for this project? If the fan assembly and motor were just joined for this project you may not be getting the RPM's you need for the fan to give that 1600 cfm output? Is the motor just a one speed motor or is the speed variable? Or does the motor have windings for low, med or high speeds?

I would be curious to know how you make out with this?

thanks, tinman

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
graphicHere's what we bought from Lowes. And I have attached a picture of our money machine.graphic

Are those 1"X2"'s or 1"X1"'s wooden slats in the bottom of the unit. If it is what will happen is when the blower is trying to send air up through those this will cause so much turbulence in the air that the turbulence will cancel out a lot of your upflow from the blower. Is it still possible for you to take those out and put a steel grate or even a couple of metal returns in the bottom. The returns would be just like one that the heating and air man puts in the floor of a house to return the air to the HVAC Unit. The air could then get through those without causing much turbulence.

I would install the metal grate and put a adjustable vent in the top. It looks as though it should work with the blower you have if you will do that.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They are 1x1's. And where would we find this metal grate?

Look in your phone book for HVAC Installations and Repair. They have the metal returns that go in houses. They are designed not to cause air turbulence. I am not sure what sizes they offer but they can tell you. One of the returns should be less than a metal heavy duty grate (storm drain).


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much! Will do!

Hi, thank you so much for your accept. Please do not accept again, I just wanted you to know the following if you still have problems.

One other thing, you may have to build a baffles in the bottom of the unit to direct the air upwards. This set up looks as though the air is being directed straight towards the other side of the unit or are there baffles under there? The baffles will split the air up and direct it upwards.

With the air directed upwards, the vent in the top and the blower you have. You should be in business in no time. Thank you again for the accept.