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We have a Comfort Glow Shenandoah Oak 24 gas log flame fire

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We have a Comfort Glow Shenandoah Oak 24" gas log flame fire manufactured by DESA Heating Products of Bowling Green Kentucky. When we turn on and light the gas fire there is a loud high pitched whistling noise. What can we do to stop this high pitched whistling?

We have been in contact with our local gas supply company and have been told that the gas pressure and supply is normal. At first we thought that this was something to do with rifling down the bore of the flexible heat resistant hoses used for connection. It now looks as though this is not the problem. Can you help please?

HiCustomer thank you for choosing justanswer.

Let me ask you, do you have natural gas or propane? Did your gas company come out to the residence and check the gas pressures at the fireplace, before the gas inlet valve? Is this a new fireplace or one that you have had a while? Is this the first time you have used it? Also what type of gas inlet valve is on the fireplace. Is it the adjustable type? I mean is there a cap on the top of the valve that can be removed and exposes a flat head or Phillips screw head. You can adjust the pressure going to the fireplace with this screw. How comfortable do you feel doing this? Shut down the fireplace, cut the gas off before you attempt this. I feel the noise has something to do with a pressure problem or the wrong sized orifice. But we will work our way to this. So let me know if the gas company checked the pressure at the fireplace, not just outside.

I will be waiting on your answer.

Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Dear O'neil


Thanks for coming back so quickly. Let me respond to your queries in order:


1) We have a natural gas supply

2) Yes they came and checked the gas pressure at the fire place

3) It is a new fire place and the first time we have used it

4) The inlet valve is adjustable but it is not the UK type which you describe (we are in California). It is a square head which is simply opened fully by a metal key. We have tried to reduce the gas flow at this valve but this does not solve the problem since in order to eliminate the high pitched whistle we have to reduce the gas flow so much that the flame is barely visible.


Look forwsrd to hearing from you


Best regards




Hi, have you checked your owner's manual to be very sure you have a natural gas fireplace and not a propane fireplace? I am suspicious because normally these fireplaces come pre-set for the pressures supplied from the gas company. Did you buy the fireplace in state, local? Was it new out of the box from the store? If everything checks out we need to take a look at the orifice. So double check and make sure you have a natural gas fireplace. Let me know. Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

We have checked the owners manual and it states "use only natural gas"


We brought the fire locally at Lowes and it was new out of the box (in fact we purchased 3 and all of them have the same problem)


Best regards



Hi, I was thinking maybe some sort of obstruction but if you have been through 3 of them with the same problem that's not the case.

Let's try to find out where the noise is coming from? If you have a long screwdriver with a plastic handle handy take the long screwdriver and place one end of it on the main gas valve body, if you can. Put the metal end to the section of the valve that the gas is passing through. Put the plastic end of the screwdriver to your ear. Just like you were taking your finger and shutting off your ear. That's the way you need to place the plastic end of the screwdriver on your ear. What I am trying to get you to do is shut your ear off with the plastic end of the screwdriver. Be careful and don't get near the flames. What we are trying to do is find out if the noise is in the valve or not? You should be able to hear the gas going through the valve? If the sound is coming from the valve you should be able to hear it. Let me know. Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We have checked and can confirm that the noise is definitely not coming from the valve. The whistling noise appears to be coming from the burner jets in the fire itself.

Hi, I haven't ran into this problem before on this particular type fireplace.

You need to get the gas company to come back out and check the supply pressure on the firplace side of the regulator. If the pressure is acceptable ask the technician if he could check the orifice size. It could be that there is a restriction there causing the noise. Going to a little larger orifice could be all that you need to do.

I am going to open this question back up to see if any of the other experts have ran into this problem before.

Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

When the gas company technician tested the pressure they did this on an open end between the regulator and the burner assembly itself.


Can you explain what you mean about the orifice size please - which orifice do you mean ?

There is an orifice in the main burner assembly. It is where the main gas line connects into the burner assembly. Propane and Natural gas fireplaces will carry different size/type orifices. The manufacturing company will put the necessary orifice in depending on what type gas the fireplace is to use.

Thanks, O'neal

OK, so if your gas pressure is within limits and regulator is suppling the correct pressure and working correctly. Orifice sized right for the burner assembly and gas pressure. Burner assembly open with no restrictions. The only thing it could be is a manufacturing/quality control error. I would be curious to know what the technician said about the orifice. Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do we need to see if we can get the supplier (Lowe's) to advise on the orifice size or is this with the manufacturer? I imagine that this could be quite challenging!

Hi, calling Lowes would be a waste of time, they would not know.

If you can find the information packet that came with the fireplace it wouldn't hurt to give them a call. Watch out for the run around though. If there is a problem with this type fireplace hopefully they will be honest and tell you how to correct it. If you feel you are getting the run around ask them point blank if they have had other calls pertaining to this model making noise in the burner. Most manufacturer's don't like the prospect of having to recall or be responsible for repairing 10's of thousands of fireplaces. Hopefully this will not be the case with you. If you want me to I could give them a call tomorrow. Just send me the contact info. and the model/serial numbers/date of purchase, Etc;. Let me know. Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

If you could give them a call that would be great: the details we have are:


Contact Info: Technical Services - 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX


Supplier: DESA Heating Products, Bowling XXXXX, XXXXXtucky KY 42102 was on the box but on the equipment label the address isXXXXX Santa Ana, CA92704


Brand Name: Comfort Glow


Model : Shenandoah Oak


Model No: LBFL24


Serial Nos: (NNN) NNN-NNNN(NNN) NNN-NNNN(we would need to dismantle the other fire to get this info - can you manage without it?)


We purchased these items about 2 years ago and never had the use of the fires becaue of the noise problems. I would add that we are from the UK and our home in California is a vacation property, (we are only allowed limited time in US as we are 'aliens'!) so the reason this problem has hung around for so long is because of our limited time and as you're probably aware most of the time in California it is very warm !


Many thanks again





Hi Lucy,

the justanswer site will not let the telephone numbers come through. It blocks them because we are not allowed to any personal information. You will have to send them back to me spelled out. I forgot to tell you about this function. I will call tomorrow and see what I can find out. So spell the numbers out to the manufacturing company and I will call.

Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Many thanks - when I looked at the other address on the serial number label I checked with Google and they provided this telephone number: 2701 S Harbor Blvd


Don't know if this may be helpful ...





Hi, Lucy. Justanswer site will not let numbers come through. You will need to type out the numbers of both the establishments. I will call and let you know. Thanks, O'neal
Hi, just type them out like (six-three-nine) eight-six-three and so on. This will get through to me. Thanks, O'neal
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry - I don't know what happened to that second telephone number :


2701 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CANNN-NN-NNNN/p>

Tel: (NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

Can you send it also? Thanks, O'neal
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry O'neal - what else do you need me to send to you?

Did you send me 2 different numbers or just the 1 on the fireplace? o'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

O'neil: I have no idea how these numbers moved into xxx as they were fine when I pressed the send button ! I sent you two numbers:


1) DESA Heating Products, Bowling XXXXX, XXXXXtucky KY 42102



2) DESA FMI, LLC, 2701 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CANNN-NN-NNNN/p>



Best regards



Hi, I am not receiving the DEAS Heating Products number. For some reason it is getting XXXX out. I need that one to call the manufacturer. Just spell it out next time you send it. Thanks, O'neal
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Beats me !!


Here goes and fingers crossed !!


one-eight six six - six seven two - six zero four zero



Got it, will call tomorrow and let you know something. Thanks, O'neal

Hi Lucy, I have tried the, (seven-one-four-five-four-nine-seven-seven-eight-two) all morning here and I can get no one. I have left my number with them several times and they have not returned my call.

The other number you gave me, (eight-six-six-six-seven-two-six-zero-four-zero) is not a working number now? Can you double check it for me? This would be the toll free number and it is not a working number. Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello again O'neil.... the number iscorrect and it is what's in the book.


There is also a number: seven one four - five four nine - seven seven eight two that could be work a try


Many thanks again



Yes, that's the one that I have called and left messages on. I will keep trying. I would also like an explanation for future inquiries.


Hi Lucy,

I stepped out a few minutes to get the Grand's? I missed the call that came in from the technical dept. I called them again and left another message. I will keep trying for you and let you know when I get in touch with the technician and what he tells me. I promise I will not give up! I need to know this question anyway for future inquiries.

Thanks, O'neal

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hello O'neil


Many thanks for sticking with it. You would not believe (or maybe you would!) that the Lowe's store manager left an email to say that he had checked and said it was a safety feature so that you would not leave the room with the fire on!


None of our friends have gas log fires that make such a high pitched noise - it would drive you insane if you were stuck in the room! I have responded to this effect and will also keep you updated if I hear anything - though I suspect that this will be unlikely

I told you it was a waste of time to call Lowe's. I have had many dealings with them over the years. They also have a lot of work to send all those units back, too. I will let you know when I know something. That answer sounds ridiculous to me, or maybe it's just me?

Thanks, O'neal

Good morning Lucy, I hope you are feeling well today.

I got in touch with the Comfort Glow Technician. I told him about our problem, the following is what he told me.

He said there hasn't been any more calls than normal about this problem in technical dept. on the Shenandoah Comfort Glow, Model LBFL24.

He said he gets some inquires on almost all models of fireplaces pretaining to this problem. The inquiries are about a high pitched humm or vibration sounding noise in the fireplaces, as if it were coming from the burner area.

He said the problem can be the following.

1-In the manufacturing process while the orifices are being drilled the angel of the orifice was drilled wrong. He said that if the orifice is to be drilled at 33 degrees and something happens and it gets drilled at 34 degrees. Being off that one degree will cause the problem we have.

2-During the process of drilling the orifice, a metal burr, the shavings from the drilling process can either be in the orifice or the burner body. Causing the loud humm.

3-The drilled hole in the orifice is not a smooth bore as it should be. Caused by a dull drill bit, sanded incorrectly, Etc;.


His advice is to take the orifice out and take it to you gas company. Buy another orifice of the same size & specifications.

Replace the orifice, this usually solves the problem.

If the humm is still there you will need to have the burner body inspected for any metal shavings, cracks, defects, Etc;. He said almost always it ends up being the orifice being the culprit.

Lucy, when I had the burner body disconnected I would take a piece of wood and tap the burner body all over. This will loosen any shavings that could be in the burner body. Just tap it all the way around and shake anything that's loose out of the orifice hole.

Lucy, the orifice is not hard to remove. Just kill any and all the power first! Make sure and cut the gas off at the tank and at the fireplace, preferably. Follow the main gas line down to the burner. You will need to loosen and take the main gas line off of the burner body. Now, you are looking at the orifice that screws into the fireplace burner body. You will need to remove the orifice in a (counter clockwise rotation) and take it to the gas company for a replacement.

Lucy, I would be very curious to know how this turns out. This gentleman I talked with sounded very knowledgeable concerning this particular problem and the solution. So I would think that you have been given the correct information and the solution to your problem.

It has been very nice and enjoyable talking to you Lucy. Please, let me know how this turns out.

Thank You For Choosing justanswer, Good Luck,


P.S., I will be waiting to hear from you, I hope.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Good Morning O'neil


Many, many thanks for all of your help. We're just concerned that we will be able to find someone to make the orifices for us - we will contact the gas company to see if they can help.


We think that you have been very helpful - do I now press the Accept button?


I will let you know what happens - once I have 'accepted' can I still contact you? This is the first time that I have used this service.


Many thanks once more


Best regards



Hi Lucy, the orifices don't have to be made. The gas company keeps most any sixe orifice that anyone would need in stock. Just ask your gas supplier where a good retail gas supply outlet is that sells heaters and such. They should have an orifice on hand at the store. Just carry the old one with you.

Thanks Lucy, if I have been helpful please press the accept button. If you wan to contact me again the future just do a search on the site for tinman. I changed my user name this morning to tinman.

Thanks Lucy for using justanswer.


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