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How do you keep water spots from forming on bathroom sink faucets

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How do you keep water spots from forming on bathroom sink faucets and handles?
Hi, I don't think there is a way to keep water spots off of your fixtures. What will help and slow down the maintenance is this. First make very sure that your fixtures are metal. Either chrome or nickel plated. If your fixtures are plated plastic you will ruin the finish on them, so be careful. You can buy a metal cleaner/polisher from the hardware called Flitz or Maas Metal Cleaner/Polisher. This will clean the water spots and help protect future spots from etching your finish. This will help you out on the constant cleaning of the water spots and keep the finish looking good for years. Let me know if you have any other concerns. Thank You, DaniBoy
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My question was how to prevent water spots from forming, some kind of water-repellant polish or coating? The faucets are metal, chromed, they do not etch.
Hi, that was what the Flitz or Maas Metal Cleaner/Polisher that was mentioned previously was for. It will clean and polish plus it leaves a protective coating to slow down future spotting on your faucets.

Hi, to just follow up. Fixtures that are in such places as bathrooms and kitchens are constantly getting wet for many reasons, brushing teeth, washing hands, Etc. The fixtures are probably wiped by you on a regular basis. When I say that the polish mentioned will slow down the spotting I was taking into consideration that the protective coating that the polish will be leaving will be wiped off by the constant cleaning that has to be done to them. So there probably will be times that you forget to polish the fixtures and the protective coating would have been wiped off. Thus resulting in the spotting returning until you clean and polish again. I know of nothing that will permanently stop the spotting, just slow it down and less maintenance for you.

Thanks, DaniBoy

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