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Building Code - Drywall over Natural Gas line. I am finishing

Resolved Question:

Building Code - Drywall over Natural Gas line.

I am finishing my basement and have plastic natural Gas Lines running perpendicular to and at the bottom of the cieling joists. I have attached 2 x 4's to hang drywall and clear the lines, but is there a code restriction about protecting the gas line? I know that you must attach a metal cover over a stud with a romex wire to protect from nails, is there a similar restriction for the gas line or is there a minimum distance from the drywall to the gas line?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rick replied 7 years ago.
HiCustomerbr />
The relevant code for gas piping is NFPA 54 not the building code. The relevant section 7.3.4

"Tubing installed vertically or horizontally inside hollow walls or partitions without protection along its entire concealed length shall meet the following requirements:

(1) A steel stricker barrier not less than 0.0508 inches thick is installed between the tubing and the finished wall and extends at least 4" beyond concealed penetrations of plates, fire stops, wall studs and so on.

(2) the tubing is installed in a single run and is not rigidly secured"

There is no minimum distance between the drywall and the gas line.

I would install the above mentioned protection over any gas line that comes within 4" of any nailer just to be safe. You could put a nail or screw into this line very easily and it may not leak right away.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tubing is rigidly attached to the bottom of the joists as it runs perpendiculer to them - can I still use the stricker barrier? Do I need to remove the tube straps attaching the tube to the joists?
Expert:  Rick replied 7 years ago.
The reason for the "not rigidly secured" rule is that if the drywall is penetrated (somebody cuts a hole, puts a screw into it, etc.) it is much less likey that what ever penetrates the drywall will penetrate the gas line if the gas line can move around and is not fixed. If you use a stricker barrier along the entire concealed length of the tubing the rigidly secured issue wouldn't apply. The only way you could accomplish this would probably be to have some sheet metal channels fabricated to completely cover the gas line. This would be my choice if it was my house. The problem you face if you remove the clips is how do you keep the gas line up there while you hang the rock and how do you know where it will wind up once to put the sheet up.
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