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Can we tap from a 30a 230v dryer outlet for a 20a 120v outlet

Resolved Question:

Can we tap from a 30a 230v dryer outlet for a 20a 120v outlet for an adjacent washer without an additional over-current/disconnection means for the washer wiring and outlet? The combined load of both appliances does not exceed 80% of the 30a dryer circuit. What is the code article that would substantiate your opinion?
Thanks for your help,
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Joseph replied 8 years ago.
No you cannot do that. The dryer is a dedicated line and cannot serve anything but the dryer. In addition you cannot put a 30amp breaker on a 20amp circuit. So you will leave the dryer line alone, then run a new line or tap it from another outlet nearby, but not the dryer outlet.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the fast reply.....To clarify my situation, we are allowed to tap from a dedicated 50a 230v range outlet for a cook-top or oven that is rated as low as 20a per NEC 210.19 (A) (3) exception #1. I wonered if this exception would apply to the dryer-washer circuit/outlets, particularly, I have concern since they opperate at different voltage. Any opinion?
Expert:  Joseph replied 8 years ago.
No ranges such as what your referring to are allowed yes... But when it comes to dryers or actual full sized ranges you cannot. So again your only option is to tap from an existing outlet nearby or run a new dedicated line for the washing machine.
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