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How do I paint over soot covered walls

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How do I paint over soot covered walls?
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I do alot of fire remediations and soot must be dealt with properly prior to painting. The first step is to vacuum all the walls and ceilings that are covered with soot. Use a Hepa vacuum if at all possible. The ceilings and walls all need to be washed down. Be sure to rinse the rags out regularly or you will just be smearing the soot around.

If you have flat wall paint on the walls or ceilings then you must use a special sponge called a Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponge. See attached link.

These sponges are used dry and never rinsed out with water. They simply collect the soot as you wipe down the walls. In heavy soot areas the wall is still going to look black and you will not be able to get this off. If you can wipe your fingers across it and not get an black off the wall then it is as good as you are going to get it.

This is a time consuming job and you must get all the soot off prior to painting. When you have the cleanup done, then you will want to put a primer sealer on the walls and then paint as you normally would.

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