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Our hot tub is giving an error message of FL1 which means that

Resolved Question:

Our hot tub is giving an error message of FL1 which means that the flow switch is malfunctioning open because of 1. dirty filter, (have put a new filter in), and 2. an air lock condition(which we have purged and does not work). So then it says that if the problem continues that we should call a repairman, and I want to know if this is something I can do myself and save some money?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Home Improvement Jay replied 8 years ago.
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There are a couple other items that may cause you to get the FL1 error code. There could be dirt or other debris in the impeller of the pump. If the impeller is clear and you have check the filter and water level, then the only other option is that you have a faulty pressure switch. Sometimes the pressure switch can be adjusted by turning its control screw counterclockwise a few turns. If all this fails then the pressure switch will more than likely need to be replaced.

If you are unfamiliar with the operations of your spa then it may be best to have a trained technician come and troubleshoot the spa. If you have your manual, try to find a schematic showing where the pressure switch is and try the adjustment.

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