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I am looking to have an outside covered patio installed but

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I am looking to have an outside covered patio installed but wanted an estimate/cost of build/install. We want a covered area about 12x18 or 12x20 we have a 8x8 uncovered slab right now and a flat back yard. Ryland Homes builder said do to the pitch of our roof they would have to install a...hip joint style top but we didn't discuss price as I wanted to do this in the....future...however the future is about now. Your thoughts you could lend?
Hi and thanks for using
There are 2 options that come to mind. One is the hip roof approach suggested by Ryland homes. In that instance the load imposed upon your existing roof by the new hip roof becomes an issue, as well as the uplift resistance issues. This will require an engineer to design the modifications to the trusses or framing to distribute the load to the existing weight bearing wall, and a tie down system with uplift continous to the foundation.
The other approach is an aluminum structure independent of the existing structure. These pan roofs are typically used to cover patios and driveways. The posts accept spline screening, and screen doors. The 2 most common colors are white and bronze. In this instance the pan roof, which only takes up 2 inches of height, is tucked under the soffit of the existing structure. It is pitched anywhere from 1/2 inch/foot to 1 inch/foot. So in the case of a 12 foot run off of the house, your new "outside wall" would be 6 to 12 inches lower than the soffit. The uplift is met by anchoring the posts to the concrete slab and bolting to the headers. The aluminum is maintainance free, does not require cutting into your existing roof, or matching of shingles.
The cost is dependent on material costs for your area, availability of contractors, skilled labor rates for area, degree of involvement by engineer, local permit and inspection fees, and slab design( footer/no footer). The easiest way to determin the total impact of these variables is to get 3 bids from LICENSED contractors. Discuss the 2 options I have described with the contractors. Be sure to get references and CHECK THEM OUT. Go see the work. Talk to the building inspector and ask if he is aware of any past problems with the contractor. Verify the liability insurance policy- call the company. Verify workman's comp coverage.
The low bidder has forgotten something and will cut corners to prevent a loss. The middle bidder may have forgot something but will have sufficient markup to cover it. The high bidder has no idea what to charge and doubles his estimate, or is too busy to need to be competitive in pricing. I recommend the middle bidder.
I hope that this information was helpful to you. If it was please remember to click "ACCEPT" on your screen to make sure that I am paid for my efforts. By clicking ACCEPT you are not giving up your ability to ask more questions pertaining to this subject, and I will be happy to respond to these as well. Please take a moment and leave feedback, it is very important!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the response. To detail this job more my roof comes down to about 9 feet at the edge of the house. Is option (2) still an option?? I was kind of looking for a estimate of the job or jobs in this case. As what you laid out here is what I have been getting from everyone I have spoke to. This is not a negative thing as I would always want information to support itself when spanning different sourses, however, is there a way of getting an rough estimate for say budgeting reasons and so when I get my local estimates I can evaluate if these people are even in the right ballpark of a job like this. I am more than willing and understand and consider fluxuation due to a certain area's skilled labor rates etc.... Estimate for the hip joint route and other would be?????
Nine feet is plenty of headroom to go with the pan roof. You'll still be at 8 or 8 foot 6" at 12 feet out.
You have a notion that there is a reasonable ballpark for the project. You are correct and this is determined by multiple bids. Where your assumptions go South is: You idea of reasonable is if you did the work and got paid at YOUR day jobs rate, or a buddy's day job rate. Also your reasonable ballpark estimate would not include material handeling, markup, liability insurance, workmens comp insurance, licensing, permits, delays, estimating, financing, etc.
A word of advice: IT AIN"T EASY BEIN" CHEEZY. Or in other words you get what you pay for. Consider that your home is an investment. You can increase the value of your investment with quality additions, or you can detract from the value of your investment by attaching crap that needs to be removed. Dumpsters aren't cheap anymore.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks but I am just trying to get a ballpark figure as to what this job will RANGE from. I am fully aware that this job will not be completed in the 500.00 range and yes I am being sarcastic when I say the 500.00 range. But, if I can not bounce off of skilled technician from this site then I don't know what I would be paying for when I accept the response that you have provided. Getting estimates is certainly something that I will be getting for the project, but just because you go to 3 dealerships to buy a car doesn't ensure you are getting a fair deal from any of the 3 for that matter. The first post or thread I looked at on this site was a person that needed similar work done and the tech said "here is a job I completed for 3600 customer out of pocket." he provided a picture with him in it as well. This is the information I was looking to get. NOT The price point per say...just the helpful info that his customer paid this and showed the type of job it paid for. Yes many factures were involved with his provided total cost I'm sure. Location, duration of work, and all the associated things you mentioned. Thanks.
Alright I'll guestimate labor. 12 X 20 is 10 panels, figure 2 man hr per panel for handeling and install- $800
1 day for forming and finishing concrete, 2 men-8hr -$640
footers for uplift and inspection - 2 men-8hr - $640
anchor poles and set carriers- temp brace - 2 men 4 hr - $320
bolt carriers to poles anchor poles to slab- 1 man- 4hr- $160
Install gutter 20' with 2 downspouts - 2 men-3 hr- $240
You need to add cost for:
1.66 yds concrete plus local time charge for driver
10 panels- 2 feet by 12 feet
2 carriers 2 X 8 X 20
bag 60 or more screws
5- 1/2 X 6" shield lags
10- 3/8 X 8 galv hex bolts, washers, nuts
permit fee
Add 20% material markup
Add $500 oops factor
Add 7% workcomp
Total of this will equal approximate ballpark cost.
I could not possibly compute this estimate for $15
and I could not enforce it against your local contractors- so it is meaningless, as I tried to explain. If it makes you feel any better I did a carport roof, 35 X 10 for/with a friend in 3 days. The driveway was existing. His neighbor had one done from scratch for $8,000- We only spent $800 in materials - go figure?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Now we're talking. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is unmatched. Yes I would not hold anybody to someone elses guest-a-mate/estimate as to each is own. Just looking for some slight relief from these Texas summers. Excited now to start talking estimates with local contractors.
<p>Glad you're ready- enjoy your new shade</p><p><strong>I hope that this information was helpful to you. If it was please remember to click "ACCEPT" on your screen to make sure that I am paid for my efforts. By clicking ACCEPT you are not giving up your ability to ask more questions pertaining to this subject, and I will be happy to respond to these as well.</strong> <strong>Please take a moment and leave feedback, it is very important!</strong></p>