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USING FISH AS FERTILIZER We have a small pond on ...

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USING FISH AS FERTILIZER: We have a small pond on our property with thousands of unwanted "chub" fish my kids catch almost daily in the spring, summer & early fall. These fish die very easily once caught and are not good to eat like some of the other fish caught in our pond. Even some of their "prize sunfish & bluegill" meant to show friends end up dying before they can be safely returned to the pond. I am trying to find use for all these unwanted chubs, which are taking over our pond, and the smelly, rotting fish that die in their buckets (too small to eat, yet will stink horribly by the next day if not bagged & frozen quickly). These are messy and UNSANITARY to bag & freeze until trash day, so I am looking for a better use for these problematic, dead fish! We live in the country on 6 acres, and also have numerous large garden beds used for growing vegatables to EAT, and to grow beautiful flowers as well. Would it be safe & appropiate to use BLENDED-up fish as fertiziler in the soil?

Hello Lori A,

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Fish is one of the best fertilizers that you can use. Many people use fish emulsion and purchase it in stores, but there are fewer nutrients in this because they use trash fish and fish bones. It also has less protein and fewer fish oils than if you were to use fresh fish parts. Also, it is cheaper to make your own fish emulsion.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brian's Post: On using fish for fertilizer, how sanitary & safe is using this method in vegetable gardens when the vegatables will be only rinsed off before consumption (not necessarily cooked first)? I guess cow manure is used just the same, but as I poured the liquid mixture of crushed fresh fish over my vegatable garden, with some getting onto my young green strawberries & I watched the mixture absorb into the soil, it seemed like this might not be safe to eat. What do you think?
It is perfectly fine to use the fish emulsion, just direct it at the roots and soil. Anything that gets on the fruit will wash off, and just like you mentioned, if it was cow manure you would do the same thing. Fertilizers are used on fruit and vegetables all the time.
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