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Suzanne, Owner/ Appliance Technician
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 232
Experience:  14 yrs in home experience - Appliance Service Field Technician
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Coin slot is jammed on my coin operated washing machine.

Customer Question

Coin slot is jammed on my coin operated washing machine. How do I unjam it?

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Suzanne replied 9 years ago.

What type of coin accepter do you have? Horizontal 4, Vertical 4 Vertical 8, Single drop mechanical, Single drop electric eye?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

It states it is a 8 vertical slot.

Expert:  Suzanne replied 9 years ago.
Do you have it out of the machine yet?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

No, it cannot be removed from the machine.

Expert:  Suzanne replied 9 years ago.

All coin slides can be removed from the machine they are in. Coin operated machines do not actually come with coin slides from the factory. Do you own this piece of equipment or have you been hired to work on it? Do you have the service door key?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

We have the service door key the coin slot part is on the right side top of the machine. We have the door open and the coin collector off but do not see any way to actually remove the coin slot.

Expert:  Suzanne replied 9 years ago.

You need to extract the entire coin slide assembly. First you need to access the back of the slide from the service door behind the slide (where the timer is) not the coin drop. Do you see the rod that goes through the back of the coin slide assembly to the front of the machine? Remove the rod and the coin slide can be removed from the front of the machine. Now you can remove the spring and the coin slide stop bracket that is just behind the face of the slide. You will now likely have to extract the coin that is jammed manually and possibly realign or straighten out the acceptor fingers before replacing the bracket and spring.

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