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Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike, Civil Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
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How do I vent 2 dryers to the same vent without the exhaust ...

Customer Question

How do I vent 2 dryers to the same vent without the exhaust coming from one dryer to the other?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Mr. Mike replied 9 years ago.
Not a good idea. This is guaranteed to create problems. Your existing vent is sized for one dryer only.

Dryers and vents do not have built in back flow devices. Thus, when one dryer is in operation, the exhaust will backflow into the other dryer. When both are running at the same time, the vent diameter is too small for two machines. AND if you try to install a backflow prevention device it will clog and impede the flow of air. Danger!

Each dryer has to have it's own vent. Install another vent - another hose - another separate and independent system.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for your input but not the answer I was hoping for. We are located in a commercial area and another vent would require creating another hole through the brick wall, which the landlord would not appreciate. Is a backflow device available?
Expert:  Mr. Mike replied 9 years ago.
The landlord would appreciate a dryer vent fire in your unit even less. No, there is no backflow device available for this purpose.

Brick construction presents an issue with this sort of improvement. Is there a window within reasonable distance? That wouldn't look as nice but it wouldn't be a permanent modification to the structure.

Or can you relocate one of the two dryers to be near an existing penetration that can be modestly enlarged?

Hope these additional thoughts help.