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What the U L listing number for a 2 hour rated wall assembly

Customer Question

What the U L listing number for a 2 hour rated wall assembly
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Brian replied 10 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer.

There are many UL Designs for a 2-hour rated wall. The UL number represents a type of construction, with specific materials and specific installation requirements. There are many variations, thus many UL numbers.

For example:

UL Des U334, provides a 2-hour rating, with this construction method.

  • 5/8" Sheetrock® Brand Firecode® C Core Gypsum Panels
  • 2x4 wood studs 16" o.c.
  • 2" Thermafiber SAFB
  • RC-1 channel or equivalent one side
  • joints finished
  • graphic

    If you would like to find a UL Design, 2-hour rated wall with different materials, click the link below, and fill in the options that apply :

    UL Design Finder

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