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How many posts will it take to enclose 5 acres of land if ...

Customer Question

How many posts will it take to enclose 5 acres of land if they are spaced 6 feet apart?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  TexanBrit replied 10 years ago.
Hi there 'Customer', and thanks for asking JustAnswer!

For a 5 acre area you'll need to get 1,785 posts, though you'll probably use a few more or less either way - dealing with gateways and any other features that might require an adjustment along the fenceline.

Regards, Kyle
Expert:  Dennis M. Smith replied 10 years ago.

Unfortunately I need to let you know the previous answer is not exactly correct. In fact it would be impossible to determine the amount of posts you would need without knowing the perimeter measurements of the property. At least fairly close. As an example if the property were 1000 feet along the front and back and 218 feet along the sides the size is quite close to 5 acres. Or 2436 lineal feet. This configuration would take 406 posts plus a few more for gates.

If your 5 acres was shaped like 500 feet at the front and the back and then 436 along the sides the lineal footage is only 1572 feet. Which would only take 312 posts plus a few extra for gates.

As you can see the perimeter layout is very important to determine how many posts would be needed. Without this no answer will be correct.

Note: Hold off on selecting the "accept" button if you have additional questions. If this answer works for you go ahead and make the "acceptance" and you may then, also use the "feedback" feature. With this you may leave input on the quality of my answer. This JA Web Site uses this input to evaluate it's contributing "experts" on an on going basis. Thank you in advance for doing this.. Dennis Dennis (cut2it)


Expert:  TexanBrit replied 10 years ago.
Hi there,Customer

You will have already received emails offering you links to two differing opinions regarding the number of fence posts you need for this job. My apologies if this has already caused any confusion - that's why I've sent this as an 'Info Request' - this way you'll understand the situation and won't be confused if you decide to read the two answers.

I am very glad that my colleague Dennis has added his answer because it drew my attention back to my original one. I realize now that I got far too enthusiastic and worked out something completely irrelevant about your acreage!

Needless to say, as Dennis mentioned, unless the 5 acres are in one completely square block, the only way to give you a pretty accurate answer is for you to supply the perimeter measurements of the acreage you're dealing with.

If you can supply that information now, please do so in a reply, but if you don't have the information to hand, please come back when you do. Either way, you will get the help you needed!

Thanks and have a good day!

Regards, Kyle