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HOw do I connect to the sewer line on my house

Resolved Question:

I am needing to install a P trap on my above ground pool in order to meet city code and I need to connect to the sewer line. HOw do I do that? and do I need more than one line?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  michael------handy mans corner replied 10 years ago.

:Hi Craig, thank you for using Just Answer.

I could use a little more information on your situation. Is your above ground pool on a platform of some type? Is this to be a permanent drain? and do you have a basement on your house or crawl space access?

Please get back to me on this.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.

No basement or under house access. It's a slab foundation. It's an above ground pool that has been buried about 3 feet. The city requires a permanent drain line for the backwash feature. The said it has to have a ptrap and be hooked to the sewer lin of the house. I assume it has to be buried 18" (pretty standard) and that I will have to dig to wear it will connect to the sewer line. There is a line in the front yard that has a cap on it and Iwas told that it is for a plumber to clear a clogged sewr line. I am assuming I need to connect somwhere near that.


I'm a pretty handy guy, So I'm confident I can do this with no problem, I'm just not sure where to start on this one.




Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Also, the pump sets above ground on a 3x3 concrete pad.
Expert:  michael------handy mans corner replied 10 years ago.

Hi again Craig.

You need to dig a hole beside your pad that will allow you enough room to install the trap and still be down the required depth. The pipe it self should have one quarter inch drop per foot to allow for normal drainage, but if this is a pumped system that is not as critical. You can tap into the sewer where the clean out is located, but the city water department, in most cases will not allow you to connect it your self. When you have everything ready to go, call for an inspection. When you have met any additional requirements the water company will set a time for the connection with a crew. Do not cover any of the pipe until the water department inspects to avoid any problems. You only need one drain.

If I can be of further help contact me again.

Feedback and bonuses are always welcome.


michael------handy mans corner and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.

a neighbor said on his last house that his pipe went to that clean out in the front and then just dumped into it, never actually made a connection just dumped into the opening. Does that sound right? The city said I didn't need a contractor for this and that I could install it since I am the homeowner. Thanks for all of your help.

Expert:  michael------handy mans corner replied 10 years ago.

Hi again Craig

It sounds strange that the city would just let it dump. It has to be connected some way or dirt would wash in. As far as needing a contractor, you do not. You can run all the pipe yourself up to the sewer. If you tap in before the city sewer into your own line then you do not need them. If they are requiring this then you know it will need to be inspected or they will not know if you did it or not. I did not mean you can not run the drain, just not connect direct to the city sewer.

If I can be of further help please contact me again.