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what is meant by metabolic rate

Customer Question

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Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 10 years ago.


Metabolic rate is the rate that fuels (carbohydrates) are consumed by the human body. This rate can vary widley from one individual to another.

The same can also be applied to most all anmal life forms.

A good example of metabolic rate is the bear. While the bear is awake during the spring summer and part of the fall its metabolic rate is normal. It feeds and the foods are metabolized at a normal rate. But the bear eats more than it needs for normal life functions and therefore puts on fat for the winter months. During the winter months the bear hibernates. During hibernation the bear dose not eat. But its bodily functions still require sustenance. Its body therefore lowers its metabolic rate and consumes the fat that the bear stored during the previous years foraging.

Metabolic rate can be lowered by the bears system during hibernation. Conversely the human can raise his metabolic rate in order to burn more energy and therein increase its strength and endurance.

In general metabolic rate is commonly referred to when measuring respiration, heart, temprature, and blood pressure.

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