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How do I clean white-out off of leather?

Resolved Question:

My 2 kids 'painted' my 2 leather couches and 1 leather recliner with white-out. Most came off with light rubbing. Acetone will remove white-out, but will ruin leather. Speckles of white-out remain. I have tried light scrubbing and an electric buffer/polisher with leather cleaner. Neither worked...any suggestions?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

Hi Customer. Thank you for asking your question on Just Answer. The other experts and I are working on your answer. By the way, it would help us to know:

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

What finish in on the leather and what color is the leather?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: I am attempting to remove/clean white-out off of forest green leather. It is standard leather (that you would find in a car - not suede, etc.).
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

You have covered the bases pretty good with what you have done so far. You are correct that acetone and even alcohol can remove the coloration of the leather. Applying a wet paste of saddle soap or even the cleaner that you used and letting it sit overnight, covered with a damp rag will help loosen the hold. If that does not work vinegar on a rag left to sit for awhile should have no negative effect on the leather. As a last resort you may try heating the leather with a hair dryer which could aid in the removal. If none of these work I believe the white out will have to wear off.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: This is the first time I have used this service. Obviously, the answers to my question will take sometime to prove if they are to work are not. Should I accept you answers now or after I have tried them? I am going to put your answers to the test immediately after this message.
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

It is fine to wait before you pay. I want you satisfied hope you will return if you have other questions. The choice of when and if to accept is up to you.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply toCustomers Post: Although I did not try your recommendations, your ideas gave me one. If you spray leather cleaner on the area and wait a few minutes (not too long or the cleaner will soak into and discolor the leather - not permanently though) and then light brush the area in a circular motion. Wipe clean and repeat if necessary. Clean the leather as instructed on the bottle. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your answer.
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

Good I am glad you got the white out removed. Here is another suggestion to remember for the future. Oxy Clean is a great cleaning product. It has removed Worcester sauce off our white carpet and the lip stick my daughter decided to color the rug. I did have a problem getting it off our dog though. Or dog was a pretty pink for quite some time. Kids don't you love them? Undecided

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