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How to repair a broken mirror

Resolved Question:

I have an antique sideboard and the mirror is broken into two pieces. Is there a way to repair it? I want to keep the original mirror instead of putting a new one in an antique.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

Super Glue or other like products will put the mirror back together but the crack will always show. Place the mirror together as close as possible while it is laid on it's back. Then apply a piece of masking tape to the front of the mirror. This will keep any super glue from getting on the glass itself. Turn the mirror over and bend it slightly to allow the crack to open. Apply the Super Glue to the entire length of the crack. Let the mirror go back together making sure it is pressed together tightly. Let the glue dry over night. I know it says Super Glue and it is supposed to be instant but believe me it is stronger after it hardens completely. Now turn the mirror over and remove the masking tape. If any glue is on the mirror surface remove it with a razor blade. More questions just ask.

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