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How do I glue plastic to concrete

Customer Question

hi from Eastern Canada.
We are putting down a delta sub-floor for moisture prevention on a laminate wood the will be on top.
Problem is that this delta floor is like and egg crate bottom and it comes up a little from concrete creating a tiny air space. When you walk on floor the plastic makes a cracking noise as it goes back down.
What adhesive can I use on the dimples of the plastic to glue them to the concrete floor. It is 30 year old concrete in our basement.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rsposta4u replied 10 years ago.

Gorilla Glue or like polyurethane glues will glue most plastics and concrete. That is what I would recommend. I use Gorilla Glue often for concrete repair and it is one of the best overall adhesives available.

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Thanks again!

Joe Booker