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Terri, Handywoman
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Masonary construction background, home and commercial, home repair specialist
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Can I use peel and stick floor tile on the ceiling

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i want to use Cryntel floor tile that looks like travertine on my ceiling. It is peel and stick. Will it work?

Although there is some controversy about using peel and stick tile on the ceiling there are alot of people doing it. One reccomended product is 3M Command adhesive strips these are very strong adhesive strips that would help hold it on the ceiling. I would ask where you buy the tile what they reccomend as a heavy duty ceiling adhesive. You'll need to be really careful on the edges. The edges are where you will see lifting. So make sure to get those stuck down well. Also be careful with adhesive while you're using it. Wipe off immediately as it will ruin the tile finish if you get it on the tile and it drys. Let me know when you finish how it works and if you like the look. I'm curious to see how it turns out.Good Luck with your "project" justerri

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