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How much time on average do people spend in the

Resolved Question:

How much time on average do people spend in the kitchen in their lifetime?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Paul Klemstine replied 11 years ago.
There is a paper here (Published in 2003):

It says that an average women spend 72.3 minutes a day doing food and drink preparation and cleanup.
Men spend 26.9 minutes a day doing this.

The worldwide life expectance for all people is 64.3 years, women having an average of 66, while men are lower at 62.7 years.

But the average life expectancy of people who live in developed nations is quite a bit higher, at about 77 years.

So for your answer.

Developed nations:
77 year old women = 2,033,292 minutes (3.866 years)
77 year old men = 756,509 minutes (1.438 years)

66 year old women = 1,742,864 minutes (3.314 years)
62.7 year old men = 616,037 minutes (1.171 years)

I'd roughly say between 1 and 4 years is a good estimated range of how much time people spend in thier kitchen.

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