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Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Retired Master ASE Mechanic 16 yrs. / Certified Home Inspector 14 yrs. / Father of 4
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how do you fix warped wood

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I have a wooden step that is warped. I cannot see how it is attached to the riser (i.e. I cannot see the nails with which it is attached). The problem is that the fence-gate hangs on the step when it opens. I have used a turnbuckle on the fence/gate to lift it, which helps, but it still gets stuck on the warped step. How do I fix the warped woodstep? Is there anyway to unwarp wood? I am a single woman; I don't have a lot of strength to do anything very complicated or difficult. I have tried shaving the wood as well, but that will cause loss of strength in wood and splinters. I have put a screw into it, but that didn't solve the problem. I cannot get the screw out because I stripped it. How do you fix a stripped screw?
I would try sanding it (if it's not warped too much)
If it needs alot of sanding you may want to find someone with a electric sander.
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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Home 's Post: But sanding it takes away from the wood, which comprimises the strength of the step, doesn't it?

By the way, you didn't answer my question of how to fix the warp in the wood.   I'm also curious as to how to unscrew stripped screw heads, and how can you keep from stipping the screwhead in the first place?   

Can you think up another approach to repairing the warped wood? This step carries the weight of people.

You stripped the screw head because you pushed beyond the capacity of the screw. In other words, the screw could not easily work it's way into the wood so you pushed it in while turning it but not enough to have it penetrate all the way in. What you should use is a lag screw. I can't see what you want to do so I am going by what you are verbalizing. A 3 inch lag screw could be installed where the step has warped. You need a ratchet to install the lag screw. You can get these anywhere. Pre-drill smaller than the lag screw (1/4 inch bit would be fine) then place the screw into the hole and work your ratchet as the screw bites into the stringer under the step.

This will do either one of two things. It could split the step at which point at least you can replace it and see where to screw in the new one or it can result in the height of the step lowering enough for it to clear the gate. Cut the stripped screw with a hacksaw or just bend it back and forth with pliers or a hammer until it snaps off. You can also pull it out with pliers or the claw side of a hammer. Use a nail punch to push the rest below flush if you must leave some in the wood and fill it with exterior wood putty. You are correct when you say sanding it takes away the woods strength. You can't remove a warp by sanding it anyway.

Hope I Helped :)

10 screws may not pull down the warped wood step,I truley believe sanding the top of the step is your best answer aside from replacing the step (if it is severely warped then replacing the board is the best). As for removing the screw that is now stripped there are special tool made for this and you could get one at a good hardware store or you could drill it out. I hope this advice helps!!
Home & Auto Expert, ASE / ASHI
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 35
Experience: Retired Master ASE Mechanic 16 yrs. / Certified Home Inspector 14 yrs. / Father of 4
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