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How can I fix my squeaky office chair

Resolved Question:

My office chair squeaks! I have heard that using something like WD-40 helps, but where exactly, on the chair, should I spray it? How much does it take? Thanks for your effort in that regard; this chair is driving me crazy!
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  #1 Expert replied 11 years ago.
WD 40 will stop the squeeks as any lubricant will. I would suggest a silicone lubricant (avaliable at most hardware, automotive and department stores) since they are grease less and would not attract dirt as other lubricants may. Most of the time the squeek is caused by metal to metal contact. turn the chair over and apply a liberal amount to all metal surfaces, that contact each other, using your choice of lubercants. This will eliminate the noise that can drive one crazy. If you have additional questions please ask.
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