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I have a homart electric hot water heater

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I have a homart electric hot water heater that was installed in 1969 or 1970. It was sold by Simpsons sears and is glass lined. Does that mean that the tank is glass lined on the inside and, if so, what is the normal life of the tank before leaks if any? It has not been in full time use through all those years but has been in continuos use for the last two years and works very well. Kiwi
Yes the Homart tanks are glass lined. The ones sold in the 70's normally had a twenty to thirty year guarantee. These hot water heaters have a anode inside them, that will normally dissolve before the tank does. Normally water heater fail, due to corrosion. How long the water heater will actually last, is dependent on your water quality and the maintenance done to the water heater. I have seen hot water heaters last 40 years plus and also have seen them go bad before the warranty expired. There is no 100% for sure way to know.
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