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Handyman-4-Rent, Macgyver
Category: Home Improvement
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how many gallons of water in 1 foot of 4 inch pipe

Customer Question

the amount of water inside of 4 inch diamiter abs pipe that is 1 foot long?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Handyman-4-Rent replied 11 years ago.

Hello - this is a simple yet little tricky formula. First you need to find the volume of the pipe then convert it to gallons. 1 cubic foot = .1337 gallon

(pi x (radius (squared))= area of the circle x length = (volume in cubic inches / 1728 = cubic feet) / .1337 = gallons

3.14 x (2 x 2) =12.566370614359172953850573533118 x 12 = 150.79644737231007544620688239742 / 1728 = 0.087266462599716478846184538424421 / .1337 = 0.65270353477723619181888211237413 gallons

So rounded out it is .65 gallons

Here is also an excellent conversion table site