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Kathy Staran
Kathy Staran, Interior Designer
Category: Home Improvement
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How do you repair a bent lampshade

Customer Question

I have a cute Classic Pooh lampshade that I want to give to my grand-daughter. It's bent up from storage. Any hope?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Kathy Staran replied 11 years ago.
Hi there!

I would recommend that you use a hard piece of plastic or cardboard to repair the lampshade. This is the process: Place the harder object underneath the lampshade and very carefully run your hand over the top of the shade to press it back into position. If it is really bent badly and has been so for some time, you may need to fashion a "slip" for the shade out of a plastic one-gallon milk carton, put the shade over that, then steam it by shooting steam out of your iron onto it, then letting it dry. This should work out the bends and restore it to its original shape.

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