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how to fix a buckled above ground pool

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The sides of my above ground pool have buclked, is there a way to fix it
Hi and Welcome to Just Answers,

I have had this problem and I thought I could reestablish the buckled area, but since this is a put together kit, it just adjusted the buckle. To the point that I felt like, it was going to burst any day.

Everything has to be in place just right to make it solid. I finally had to drain the pool, fold the liner to the inside, re-adjust all the posts and clips, reset the liner and refill.

Back to perfect condition.

Think of this, you might be ok, placing posts near the fault area, but you have thousands of pounds pushing on that faulty area. If it goes, you would be farther ahead by re-doing it now, before you have to replace the whole pool. Because if it collapses, most of your stuff will be bent, tore, and un-useable.

Hope this helps

If there is anything else let me know, or click accept. Thanks Michael L
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Michael L's Post: Ok this pool was put in by professionals. My husband is good, but once the pool is drained will he be able to "readjust all the posts and clips"? How will he know they are readjusted properly? And you are right I really do not want a tusami from a 24 foot round pool which no one uses anyway!

It is buckled at the very bottom and seperated by about 4-6 inches from the top going 1/2 way around. So does that sound like the poles need readjusting or just re-clip the metal pieces of wall.

Finally, after draining how long does it take to do the readjustment and clips. Thanks (I understand the meaning of bonus).
Hi and Welcome Back to Just Answer,

It sounds like the bottom clip slid a little. And that the side is popping out of the track. But without looking at it, this is a guess. If by chance you need extra parts, you can go to just about any pool place for that.

As far as knowing where to put them, there is a little lip on the posts, it is only about 1" on both sides of the post. Believe it or not, it is just that 1" that holds it. It is quite interesting the way these things are engineered. You may have the same problem I had and you just need to slide everything back into place, some of my clips where bent out a little too. I just bent them back and all well.

Here is what I did, I invited about 5 of my friends over and cooked hotdogs and Hamburgers.

While they assisted me in my project, we had great conversation, and as the pool was refilling there were there just incase I needed extra hand.

I have done this by myself before, but I never did get the liner right. so even though you have the liner basically placed and it should already be stretched and stuff. You should still require a little extra help.

If there is anything else let me know, or click accept. Thanks Michael L
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Michael L's Post: NICE! How do I get you a bonus?

Thank you so much. I did not have a clue and you addressed it perfectly. This is my first time using this program, so will I get cued to a bonus when I click "accept"?
Thank You, XXXXX XXXXX accept and as you continue through, you will be asked. Thanks Again and I was glad to help. Michael L
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