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Andy Lambert
Andy Lambert, Building Inspector
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  City building inspector 14 years. Contractor 30 years. RI Dept. of Health Certified.
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How to build backyard Stucco Fence

Customer Question

I need to build a fence in the backyard and sides of my house. I would like to build a Stucco Fence instead of a Redwood one. What are the specifications for a Stucco fence so it is durable and longlasting?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Handyman-4-Rent replied 11 years ago.
Hello - being that stucco is basically a plaster type coating (or fibreglas) it really wont hold up well as a fence. Too much flex and movement in a fence for it to not crack and fall apart.
Expert:  Andy Lambert replied 11 years ago.

You can make a fence out of cinder blocks and cover both sides with stucco. You can also make your own heavy duty wood framed fence anchored into 12" sono-tubes two feet deep. Take exterior grade 5/8" plywood and secure to the frame. You can then use exterior waterproof stucco and cover the plywood with it. I don't recommend using the metal screen because it will rust in a relatively short period of time, especially once the water gets behind it. They now have excellent rust roof plastic screens that you can screw to the plywood but remember to use stainless steel or exterior rated deck screws.

The trick to an all wood stucco fence is heavy duty everything. Usually 6x6 posts embedded in a 12" sono tube concrete base at least 2 feet deep with a 3/4" re-bar down the middle will suffice. You can design it as high as local codes permit. All screws and hardware connections need to be tight. There are Simson Strong-Ties that can be adapted to help keep the fence from sagging. Use them at every post and corners.

What's nice about the wood version is that you can screw anything into the fence (anywhere) that you want, for example, a rose trellis or hanging plant, bird feeders, etc..

Hope I Helped :)

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