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How do I unsolder and resolder copper pipes that are part ...

Customer Question

How do I unsolder and resolder copper pipes that are part of an out door home sprinkler system?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  #1 Expert replied 11 years ago.
Ist step is the pipes have to be dry inside. Then make sure that there is a open somewhere in the line. This will keep the pipe from exploding if there is still moisture inside. Apply heat with a torch and when the solder turns bright or gets soft the pipes should be able to be seperated. Check your local building codes since some do not all lead solder to be used. The newer lead free solder takes a bit more heat to melt it.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to XXXXX XXXXX's Post: Somehow I managed to post this question twice, which was not my intention. I accepted the first answer, which made good sense to me. This current answer (with the comments about a possible explosion if there is moiture in the line one is attempting to unsolder copper pipe solder joints) doesn't sound realistic to me and is not helpful.

I will continue to be a customer/user of this service, but I will not be pressured into accepting an answer that doesn't seem appropriate. Thank-you.

Daniel (Dan ) R. Van Bibber
Expert:  #1 Expert replied 11 years ago.

   I am glad you got your question answered. I in no way want to pressure you to accept my answer or any answer for that matter. I mentioned the possible explosion since it could happen. If you, have moisture, or water inside the pipe, and it is closed at all ends (no way for pressure to escape). If you apply heat to a solder joint on that pipe the solder will not melt, since the water or vapor allows the heat to dissipate over a large area, it could explode before the solder got hot enough to melt. Another example of moisture and heat dissipation. Take a paper bag and get it wet. Put a raw egg inside the bag. Place it over a fire and the egg will cook and the bag will never get hot enough to burn unless the bag dyes out. I did this many years ago in the Boy Scouts. If you apply enough heat, there is a possibility, the pipe could explode if the pressure has no where to go. I am not talking a Atomic Bomb blast but it could harm someone if they were not careful. Take care and good luck with your project.

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